Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a Great Room...

Pink Fig

My Mom and I fell in love with these patterns for Mimi and Ola. I will have to post the finished product. I can't wait. I Love when little girls look like little GIRLS. These are so sweet!

First House

This house reminds me of our first house . That is when we were done,what a mess at first.
Great blog enjoy

Vicki I found it

Has anyone done this , all of us, found a great blog and then can never find it again!
Grab a cup of coffee and enter and enjoy.

ahh inspired

I love her windows.

These pictures are from a Camas Wa. antique store. This is what it took I'm working out in the store today!!!!!!

Great Pics.

I love this!
Now this is a Mimi outfit.

Love those skirts...HERE

Friday, February 26, 2010

Love this shelf unit

I think this unit would look great with deeper shelves built across a wall with a fireplace dividing them! all the different sizes is like art in it self. I even like how they are painted in black.

Wallpaper wonder

I have a confession ,I have tried the minimalist thing for about 2 months.
I need my clutter back ! I just feel exposed without all my Nick knacks around me!

I love all this wallpaper with all the clutter. It's amazing how wallpaper done like this takes a room up a notch.

I will be the little old lady with layers of dust and the coffee and teapot on!

Drape me in Fabric

I think I could be come addicted to fabric!
I don't sew but my word this is like home and clothes shopping all in one the possibilities are endless.

amazing designers.

Anna Maria Horner
Kaffe Fassett
Amy Butler are my top three.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So much to be thankful for!

Last night I was blog hopping and I came across a blog of a 33 year old man who had gone through his third chemo treatment that day and how sick he'd felt.
Yesterday I had gone to the dentist for two hours and my teeth ached.
Wow he blew me away along with his faith.
I have so much to be thankful for and this glorious weather.

Pen and Ink Examples


Super Sweet

love it

this is the process!

Craft Day

Today was craft day again and we did pen and ink , I loved it! Vicki had done the example one for us to see so pretty! next is ours from today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sarah Shaw

I love her boutique and blog check it out !
the shoes I thought would just complete the outfit, love these shoes....
there is so much to see!

Misha Lulu wonderful

I bought some of her clothes for Mimi in a little boutique in Anchorage and I just fell in love..
I want to wear some of this...

check out these amazing vegan mary janes....check more out here
she also has a website to buy from.

Craft Days for a year!

Lynn you so have my number I love these books!!!!
I can't wait to try and recreate these. they are exquisite.
One day in June we have to send Charles out fishing and we are going to make ourselves some new go to necklaces.....Miss you

Portland Bound

I have no excuse, these boxes are finally on there way! I think I might be LAZY. I am so sorry Lynn.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


check out more here.

Porches!!!! another sign of spring

Time always passes by better on a porch!

I needed MONK

On Friday I had the goofiest group of people in the store Its the first time that voice inside my head was like I wonder what these people are up to. Thank God Phil was here he came out and stayedwith me! they were really weird and as small as the store is they kind of took it over 2 guys and 2 gals I needed Monk he could have figured out what they were up to it definitely was not antiques!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

floral sweaters

Garnet Hill

J Crew


Forever 21