Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from up North!

I want to wish all of you
a blessed New Year

Filled with Happiness!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm in love with.....................

If you could jump in and live in a page it would be in this one!
Look at this adorable hair clip there
were more but Mimi hustled off with these pretties
and has had them in her hair
since they arrived!

How amazing is this

and this mercury collection

Love love love this

Check out my new God Jul
napkins....pinch me!
Christine and Vicki also have given
me such beautiful napkins.
they will be featured in my basket

Love this huge mirror and all the goodies.

all these images are so inspiring

Look at this sink!
Thank you to Madelief and Julie
For all these lovelies and these
amazing inspirational
magazines only there magazines are more like books!
Now I just hope they receive there parcels shortly
I don't understand when you mail something
and the post office says 7-10 days
and were going on over a month
now or more it's frustrating!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simple items with such Meaning!!!

Today I had a car pull in and a man got out carrying
some items.
So Phil went out to talk to him and then he came and got
me to talk to him.......and then I recognized him.
I said where has your wife been.
I was not ready to hear that she had taken her own life.
He said I know she had really cared about you
and I wanted to bring you a few of her things
that I know she would have wanted you to have!
the iron he said had been her Grandmothers
these items just became priceless!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Did you get what you wanted from Santa?

I have a confession while shopping for other people
I spotted these little works of art
On sale with an additional 25% off
they jumped in my cart!

Santa did good this year!
he shopped at

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and a update!!!

Last night at church I asked Pastor about my man
The pickle situation.
I had to know if he was married.
He informed me that he was a widower,twice.
So when Harold arrived I approached him
and told him about my Pickle of a situation.
and he told me to bring them that
He thought that was sweet and he would take them out.
I told him I had been telling them there was this sweet man at my church
and he said that was a problem he's not so sweet.
I told him I thought maybe he might be a little naughty,
Oh Dear
He's a ladies man!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good bye and fond wishes......

Well it did feel sad last night when I closed out my till
and shut all my lights off

but I left my music playing

now I have to hurry and finish getting ready
for Christmas my Mom and Dad
are coming up to spend Christmas Eve
and Day with us along with
My Brother and his wife.
I still have to find Phil something
I think I have an idea!!!!
Take care everyone
and have

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I may have gotten myself in a little pickle of a situation....
Anyone who knows me knows I'm always trying to set
people up and make a love connection.
Well in the last month we joined this wonderful church
again, (long story) but the new minister is such a great fit!!
Any who I hadn't realized I had told so many women
about this sweet man who goes there,
I'm not sure if he's available he should
be he comes alone every Sunday...and Phil and I
would visit him at basketball games where he would bring
his grandchildren.
I had 4 women call me yesterday all wanting to
come with me to church to meet him.
Oh my, You see the pickle!
I just can't stand to hear sad stories
I think everyone should be happy,
Oh my!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday through a winter window

Sunday morning the sunrise was so pretty
I thought this will make the perfect winter through a Tuesday
morning as I sit in darkness still.

I got kicked out of my bed this morning at 4:30
Mimi crawled in kissed me on the nose and fell
back asleep, well with a wake up like that
you may as well get up and enjoy the peace of a sleeping house!

It was hard to capture it but it was so pink the sky!

this was yesterday morning
Georges little trail again....

and this was this morning I don't know what all that
shadowing is kind of spooky!
Good Morning to all of you.

don't forget to join over at

Monday, December 20, 2010

3 days left for LDG !

We got some fresh snow this morning and at 9:30 it's not quite light yet.
This morning I snapped a few pictures and looking at them
it looks like I'm pretty packed.

All my display cabinets are sold, almost!

I have only 3 days left.....

I have been very happy with my decision to close
and I'm excited about my next adventure!

But I know,
at 6pm Wednesday evening I will probably
cry a little.
I'm going to miss alot of people!
Thank God
I have all of YOU!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you tired yet?

I have been so busy in the store and my last day is
approaching quickly the 22ND of December.
The kids last day of school was yesterday.

It's amazing how use to the quiet during the day I am and
now there's alot of chatter!

I never put any presents under the tree till Christmas Eve
because it really does slow down some of the begging to
open presents early.
as a kid I would secretly open every gift and re tape the corners,
I just had to know!

I wonder if my kids would do this if they had the chance?

I still have a little left to buy for the kids.

and then I'm done, I still have to find something for Phil
any ideas?

I baked a ton of cookies on Wednesday for Mimi and Cory's
class parties yesterday!
Well it's all down hill now till Christmas,
I just hope it warms up we have been in such a
cold snap that it's hard to get the kids outside
and when you do finally get them out there back in
because there freezing.
We had 2 below zero this morning
Hope your all getting done with your last minute
I will have to show you pictures of the store it looks
so bare!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Winners and a whole lot of Talent!

Do not use any of these pictures as they are not mine
and Christine was kind enough to share with me.
Just look at these amazing photos
of Alaska and her incredible art work!
We keep finding out how much in common we have I was
looking through her photos and this cabin is my absolute favorite
on the way to Anchorage and here she had a photo of it.


Her drawings are all small and perfect,
she has these little mushroom people
that are so adorable.

and she has the garden I have always wanted so there
is beautiful!

I could live in a shack here forever.

She is going to start a blog over Christmas break
and I can't just can't believe how lovely
her images are! I'll let you all know the link when
she starts.

Look at her bunk house some of the items she has purchased
in my shop and it's always fun to see there new life.

Look at this swimsuit all done out of items
she find in nature
except a little extra pixie fairy dust.

Then there was my beloved table I had for years
and I sold it to her and look at how sweet it looks in its new home.
Now for the winners
for the German giveaway
for the Swedish giveaway
Congratulations I have them boxed and ready to go
so please email me quickly and I will send them on there way.