Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little cleaning and Daydreaming...

I went home after church last night

with my parents and had a sleepover.

at 42 I still enjoy a good sleepover!

so this morning we started

cleaning getting the lodge ready.I don't want to get my hopes up


I just can't help myself.

I'll take pictures of the inside of the lodge tomorrow tell me what you think....but as for now I'm relaxing and strolling through you guessed it Anthropologie.... How amazing are these nooks.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a week so far...

My week has been so crazy. I'm almost done in the kitchen and I have brought out my Potmerian dishes for Spring. In my crazy week I thought I'd share something funny Sunday sitting in Bible study between my two boys Cory looks at me and whispers to me, Mom I think you and Jeremy's mustaches are growing in nicely. Then Jeremy rubs his upper lip and said you need to wax Mom. these two teased me till the end. I was sitting in a flood of natural light the worst. I was so self conscious I could hardly talk to anyone thinking I had a caterpillar across my face.... kids are a humbling bunch to hang out with! Soon my finished pictures, sorry it's taking me so long Monday I went down and helped clean the lodge and Tonight I'm going home with my parents so I can help clean some more on Thursday because Saturday they show it..... Pins AND needles! I'm so sorry I have been to busy to comment on all my favorite blogs, I'll catch up with you all soon!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I need your opinion?

Looks so much better already I painted the shelves

white along with the paneling

before they were a kind of cream color.

and now this is where I need help,

what color should I paint the bottoms

I'm sticking with my blue walls because I just

painted them last year.......

what do you think??

Phil was out in the shop till after 10pm last night so being tired I had finished painting and crawled into bed... see this wall without a hood vent.... He was out building this for me so today he will install it and I can paint it.... I'm so excited. the new Romantic homes had this featured in it its from a historic home in Sweden! I'm going to keep all my spices in it! last year I got a bee in my bonnet and ripped the top shelf down so that dark strip had bugged me and I meaning Phil cut the shelf back from the sink down to... here's what I moved into the wall in the kitchen the cabinet out of the bathroom, it fit perfectly. someday I will get cabinets on this wall but as busy as we are I know its going to be awhile so this will tied me over until then. some much needed storage! this is how I had the wall before, I'll show better pictures after I'm done! here's the before cabinet in the bathroom...
I had wanted this one in the kitchen but it would not fit

on my wall but it looks great in here

change is always good!

I have had a busy two days, phew!

please let me know what color your thinking

for the base cabinets????

I can't wait to show you the finished


Friday, March 25, 2011

A post about.....nothing!

This weekend
starting today

I feel like rearranging rooms

Amanda from Stinkpot gave me some
inspirational books
to look through and now
I'm game for some change....

I won a discount playing over at
Odd and Old so I picked out some
of her lovely art....I can't wait!
so after we go to the TAX man this morning

I'm ready to get my re-do
groove on!
and change things around...
I'm going to go over and raid the store for fresh items.
bring in some new chairs...
I wish I had flowers springing up all over in my yard
like the rest of you...
Someday soon though....
I'll show you my changes Monday.
Have a super weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I learned to crop!!!

Well today trying to figure out that darn
photo grouping feature.
I discovered the crop picture feature.

Don't laugh
I'm a little slow this I know
so I'll laugh with you!

It's amazing

It's takes the picture right to the good stuff
who knew!

Now are you like me ,feel pulled in
100 different directions lately,
I feel like
I'm hurting peoples feelings,
Do you ever wish you could clone yourself
to be busy with all the things
you don't enjoy doing
so you could just have fun....
I'm going to town later to find
myself a little Spring....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm in love again.....

I came across this website a few days ago...
I wish I could re-do my whole house like this.

In the garden for some tea.

Look at how fabulous this
dollhouse box is...

This little 1in kettle
had my heart going pitter patter
at first glance.

cute little stove
for chilly nights.
It's worth a second look!

Look at the wallpaper.

Let me tell you all this lovely German
dollhouse treasures
come with a huge price tag.....
But lets say I had disposable income
this couple would have all my money!

outdoor entertaining...
this beautiful clock

well I had so much fun looking
at their amazing website
and I hope you do too!

Thank you so much for all your thoughts
and prayers on
yesterdays post....8 days and counting!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Calling for a few Prayers....

Some of you who are new to my blog don't know that every
summer for the last....well almost 20 years.
My husband and I along with my brother
work at my parents fishing lodge.
We have two locations one on the main side and one
across the inlet in a remote area.
But as some of you know that we have been trying to sell
the main lodge for 2 years now so my parents can retire.
Some locals heard the news and
stopped by to leave their well wishes.
We have someone flying up on April 1st
to look at the lodge.

The only problem is this winter the natural springs
have been so terrible for ice.
My parents have to go over this on this steep hill
and the drop off is 30ft. if they go over.
yesterday they said it's even worse.

Just driving on the beach is bad enough
but they have that steep treacherous hill to get up after.
So pray for WARM weather so we can even get the potential buyer
in to see it....
They have quite a view the mornings
and evenings.

The rough days are the ones I love to watch....

This is who they want to retire with...

Do a little of this....this is my brother.
enjoy this with a glass of wine every night.

Thank goodness we will still be able to Halibut fish
this is something I take for granted
fresh fish!
So the thought of not having to cook for the first time,
not having to hear that 3am alarm all summer.
my parents can finally enjoy themselves without all
the pressure of running two places and they can
finally go on their trip to Denmark and Norway after
50 years....
Please Pray they just fall in love with it.....
for more lovely photos.
April 1st is the day!

My next post I can't wait to show you all
this beautiful
dollhouse enamelware.
this kettle you can take home for only