Saturday, March 12, 2011

a little change goes along way....

a friend brought these back to me from a trip
years ago and my plan was and is to frame them all
well someday was years ago so I decided while I wait
to enjoy them a little.
to update some of you we painted last year and I pledged
to my family that I
was going to try a more minimalist look .

I did see, pretty bare walls

until today

I can pull them down

no nails ,no commitment

I like it.
Do you make changes in the seasons
or leave things right where they are?


  1. what a cute room
    lovely bed so inviting
    will i get to sleep in it
    if i allow you to drag me to church
    haha xxx

  2. Looks pretty, a change is always good

    All things nice...

  3. hi.
    so beautiful on yours wall now,
    and a lovely bed you have,
    I wish you a happy weekend,
    and thanks for visit me.
    grom sylvia

  4. What a lovely, fresh room - and so clean and tidy! Great bed head! The pics look good too - it's still far from cluttered:)

  5. Dear Heidi,

    I´m not changing very much in our house but I like to add new vintage things because I´m a collector. I´m always looking after old and antique treasures for our house and garden. Hubby says we have to much clutter - he prefers a simplier style (okay he is a man) but I love it if I see beautiful things in all rooms. He don´t know it but he is a collector too, of technical things (which I`m not a friend of). We have three TVs, three computers, a large collection of handys and something like that, uuuh.

    Paintings and drawings on walls is a pleasure for the eyes I think.

    Your wooden bed head is beautiful, is it antique? Very adorable! And your flower paintings look so fresh and fit perfectly in your bedroom. The paintings give the room a individual and warm personality.

    Wish me luck because if it is tomorrow not raining we will visit a beautiful and very french town.

    Have a nice sunday with lots of fun,

  6. Your room is so pretty and comfy. The flower prints add beauty and interest without cluttering the airy look of the room.

    I make little changes, like tablecloths, colors of the candles and at Spring/Easter time I will bring out my husband and wife rabbits and put them on the buffet...Thanks for reminding us to change things out a bit.

  7. Nothing stays the same around here, drives my husband crazy. Your pictures are so pretty and so's your home. Diane

  8. These are pretty on your walls!

  9. They look really good like that Heidi! Clever idea. They tie in with the beautiful cushions and pillows on the bed - your bedroom looks a cosy haven.
    I like to make changes every season or when I have the urge or inspiration to do so. Just quick changes like moving or swapping pictures, lamps and tables, cushions and throws.
    Its usually of no cost to me as I make a lot of cushions myself and re-use what I already have around the house, from other rooms or from my reserve stock!
    I find just moving the furniture around, taking some things out of a room and adding back different things can change the look and feel of a room.
    Gill x

  10. What beautiful bedding! I change out my pillows on the couch and I tend to always move things like vases around the house, but it usually takes me forever to commit to anything major.
    Have a great Sunday.

  11. i think i might adjust a thing or two, seasonally, whenever my walls get ready.
    like the colour on your walls too!

  12. What a lovely snuggly room. That bed looks lovely and cosy.

    I love having things around me. I would say I am a clutter bug but it has to be (to me at least) in some sort of orderly fashion! lol. I love our livingroom and we only decorated it late last year. But I would love to have some lighter curtains in there for the summer months! I might just have to dream though!

    MBB x

  13. Aw so pretty! That room looks so inviting :) I tend to just leave things the same..except for Christmas ;)
    And thanks for your input on the balance post, I loved reading. Here's to find balance!! (not easy, haha)

  14. Oooo, I like these, Heidi!

    I do change decorations with the seasons, and have some antique prints of wildflowers that grow here in the Colorado mountains that I set around in & on shelves in Spring.

    I really like the way you displayed yours!

  15. Hi Heidi,

    Your bedroom looks really romantic with all those pillows and the floral prints on the wall!

    When spring arrives I always change the candles in the living room and the pillows on the couch. In stead of grey, black and purple colours I go for bright pinks, greens and reds. It looks much more cheerful!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  16. Hi Heidi,

    It looks really good :o)

    I've "installed" a translate button for you but please take the translation with a grain of salt. I tried it just to see what the English version would be and I was quite shocked to see that the word google used to translate the danish word "tøser" (a nickname for "girls") was "sluts"!?

    So please don't blaim me, blaim google! I'd never ever use that word about anyone!

  17. What a lovely room and I just love the way you have displayed those prints.

  18. What a lovely blog! I bookmarked you so I can visit often! I live in Douglas (across the Gastineau Channel from Juneau). It's nice to see another Alaskan blogger!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well!

  19. It's like you sprinkled them up there!
    I'm a total whimsy addict, and I am soooo glad I found your blog!