Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break in full swing...

I wish we could sail away
but I'm thankful no ones sick
as it seems everyone has been
with this cold and flu going around!

we have been busy working around the house

I think the kids are planning
a party with their friends
ice fishing.

Mimi said no blogging please
well I'll try

We got off to a great start with a little
visit from Christine over at
squirrelhaus on Saturday.
I did put this bright idea into motion
I have had these two things out in the store for
a while and this cute laundry bag fit perfectly
into this cart and voila
I think it make dirty laundry a little sweeter.
well at least my whites whiter....
what have you been up to this week...
I am off to try a new tool I picked up for
cleaning toilets a pumice stick....
fun fun fun and more fun!
i just finished cleaning the toilets
and those hard water streaks are gone
I'm the happiest of campers.


  1. Cleaning toilets! The glam!

    I really like your dirty laundry trolley ... it's a bit sad that our lives have gotten so mundane.

    No blogging now, mother.

  2. Love the Richard Scarry pictures! I adored pouring over his books for all the details when I was little. Thanks for your comment. Which film do you mean - the Mel Gibosn one?

  3. I was thrilled when I discovered the pumice sticks, they work great!

  4. You domestic goddess! Where did you find the pumice stick? Interesting idea . . .

  5. I'm beginning to worry about you and Bean. You with your pumice stick and her with her vacuum. Maybe the winter is getting just a little too long there.

    The little book illustrations are darling, I love little mice. Blessings, Diane

  6. The little animal book characters are so cute. They all look so happy, makes you want to jump into the book and join them!!
    I've never heard about the pumice stick. Might have to look into that. I hate hard water stains!
    Looks like your having a great spring break so far, I'm glad I could share a little bit of it with you!!! Really looking forward to this summer!!!
    Chris :o)

  7. Really cute pictures! I love the laundry basket/shopping cart! I need a cloth laundry bag to put in a holder (made of plastic pipe). I think my son used the bag that goes with it when he went camping (and of course, it disappeared!). Did you make your laundry bag?

  8. this just reminded me to do laundry, yuck :)

  9. Oh love these Richard Scarry pictures...I have one book too...in English ;O)

    Have a nice day!

  10. Love those book pictures, a womens work is never done so they say...its soooo true. Dee x

  11. Happy Spring Break...ours starts in a few days....I just can't wait! Hugs. xoxoxo

  12. Hej Heidi I love the pictures from the book. It's just like your lovely house, very cosy.
    Have a nice day,
    lieve groetjes Willy

  13. oooh
    think i need a couple of
    these pumice delights!
    (how tragic to talk of 'bogs')
    and no blogging!
    you are sure to fail mrs
    as you always pass by
    your mates and leave
    generous comments
    enjoy your kids and holiday time

  14. Sweet bunny pics, they distracted me from the toilet talk so I'll have to go back and read that bit again :) have a lovely holiday x x x x

  15. Love the little book characters Heidi - so cute!
    Hope you're having a briliant week, enjoy being witht your children! (And don't be naughty, no bloggin!!!!!)(atleast not til they've gone to bed!!)
    Gill xx

  16. Dear Heidi,

    the easter bunny pictures from the book are so sweet and I love your wonderful enamelware. I love roses on enamelware and blue enamelware so much.
    Yesterday my parents-in-law brought me a sweet white easter bunny with glitter - they bring me always little treasures from their shopping trips - so kindly.
    Have a nice time my dear,


  17. Hi Heidi!
    He he and there I was thinking I had a new follower!
    The work your husband does is fantastic!!!
    I hope he doesnt mind all my comments, I am quite happy if he wishes to delete them as they are not business-like.
    Thanks for stoping by anyway and for your lovely comment (and for explaining the mix up!) - enjoy the rest of your week with the children!!
    Gill xx