Thursday, March 10, 2011

More daylight=more dirt

I can't help myself I'm a Nick knack queen which is not
a problem in the darkness of winter but with all of our daylight
coming back....
wow can you see the dirt

now most people would have cleaned

and then showed the close ups

I love this spinning wheel my grandparents brought it back from Sweden
in 1960.

I decided why

so ....
here's to layers of dust and cobwebs
and I'm probably the only
Alaskan to store her wood and coal in
a wardrobe.

I thought I'd pop in a few pictures of my sh rooms
and a full tour of my 8ft
Scandinavian Arctic entry
that I desperately need to clean
or maybe cards and tea instead
want to join me?
I may recruit you to some cleaning.
today is the last day of school for ten days
so I may be giving the kids a duster or two.


  1. ohhh my word my lovely heidi- you have such treasures that dreams are made of...i sit here in England mezmerized? is that the right spelling?! haha! soooooo splendidly beautiful! all the charms of wishes....i want to live amongst all the little weeee people and their toadstalls ;0)xxxx i dont see dirt, i see beauty! x

  2. I know this problem! That's why I only have people over after 3 o'clock in the afternoon, during wintertime when the sun shines low and reveals everything (yep including cobwebs and so on!). I ddidn't see any dirt in your photos only lovely things like those toadstools ah! But when I took a second and closer look I saw some cobwebs, you just shouldn't have told. And yes: give your children some cleaning lessons or just bribe them!

  3. Hej Hej Heidi

    Wow! Your entry way really is a slice of Sweeeeden!
    Everything is so lovley...
    I LOVE the large framed painting/print of folk people in national costume...I am a sucker for Dala hast...just bought a shabby an old tin tray with DALARNA and Dala horse written all over it
    You have some wonderful Swedish treasures Heidi

  4. Hi Heidi,

    Your collection of nick knacks is really great! I love it all. There is so much to see in your house. I wish I could come along and have a look for myself! Why do you live so far away?!!!

    Enjoy your dusting ;-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. I love your porch and your trinkets! Particularly the toadstools just love toadstools.

    Ahhh dust and cobwebs they appear overnight I think!

    MBB x

  6. Oh I really know this problem :O)
    Take some coffee and give the duster to your childs ;O)
    Enjoy your evening!

  7. I got as far as taking the Hoover upstairs today, but I didn't actually use it! Candlelight, that's the answer!! You've got some great stuff! Abby x

  8. I coudn't see any dust, just lovely things. I love your home :) x x x x

  9. The other day, during a brief moment of sun, I was shocked at the 'stuff' on my bedroom window..yuck! Forget the dust I saw in the living room, it was really bad so don't feel alone...Yes, use those kids, I know they will be 'happy' to help just like my kids used to do. HA,HA!

  10. Beautiful images, lovely home! I love all your swedish woodcraft, especially all the little mushroom candleholders. I have quite an impressive collection of those myself ;o) Yeah, nic nac and "fear" of cleaning is a bad combination, I know all about it..

    Best regards, Heidi

  11. Looks plenty lovely to me, even with the dust and cobwebs! Such pretty things you have, Lady.Have a great weekend Heidi. x

  12. cards & tea for sure! I despise dusting...x

  13. Heidi - I've added a photo (of Ruby) just for you! She's fine - I've just been busy with the shop / stall etc. Abby x

  14. I love all of your treasures, Heidi, and try as I might I couldn't see any dust. I once had that little teapot with the ship on it ...can't remember the name...Porceliers or something like that. You sure have some pretty things. Diane

  15. I am still free till just have to call, I'm a dusting queen!!!

  16. Oh my...I know your feeling. I so want the sun to visit but as soon as he does..the dirt/dust all magically appears.

    Your home is so adorable! The cobwebs can wait..I say go have a cup of tea. xoxoxoxo hugs

  17. Everything looks lovely, I don't notice the dust myself these days, because I need new and improved glasses, when I get them I think I'll be cleaning for weeks.

  18. Ahhhhhhh I love it that someone else embraces dust too!!!!!!!! ha ha

    The downside to loving knick knacks! I have started buying more glass cabinets so I can see all my lovely things but not have to endure the dusting!!!!!!

    Have a gorgeous weekend!


  19. you have SO many fun treasures!

  20. Heidi,I'd love to join you in your lovely home but please don't make me dust! Love to see all your beautiful things - so characterful and personal. So what they're a bit dusty - lifes too short for dusting!
    My best friends are those that share the same attitude - there are far more important things to be doing, and it gets done when i know my mothers visiting!!
    Whenever I do dust, I notice that within a few days its all back, so you could easily spend so much time trying to keep it looking perfect!
    I'm with cocorose - i have now moved my china collection into a glass cabinet so i dont have to dust it, he he!!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some lovely comments - am really enjoying your lovely blog!
    Gill x

  21. Forgot to say how lovely that you too have an apricot toy poodle!!! We are just loving Logan, he is so sweet and so much fun. Look forward to seeing some photos of George - i'll come back and trawl thru your blog when i have a bit more time!

  22. stick it in a cabinet
    you won't have to dust
    time to put your feet cup
    certainly a must!

    charming collectibles
    but what i want 'h' is your clapboard house

  23. O wow look at your wooden walls and there colour ;-)) I love it your house looks like a wonderful light and bright treasure trove of lovelyness...sod the cobwobs i just want to look at your wonderful home, i would love to see more ;-)) I can't get over it, its stunning, dee x

  24. Maybe I can visit you and I could help you cleaning and also at the same time enjoy all the lovely things. Wouldn't that be nice? A problem could be that you live so far away.
    Have a nice weekend,

  25. Nice collection, so colourful!I would also love to help you and see your collection at the same time!

  26. You have the coolest things ever!! Sure, store your precious heat resources in a wardrobe, of course you do!! I couldn't see any dirt or dust for the gorgeous ornaments, really!! Love Posie

  27. I have thoroughly enjoyed my trip back through your posts - found several pictures of George, he is a darling! Looks very similar indeed to Logan, about the same colour and a little fluffier around the muzzle which I love.Logan is filling out around the muzzle now as well as everywhere else - he will need cutting soon.
    Have loved seeing pictures of your beautiful home too - I have spotted some gorgeous rugs, as well as all the lovely treasures you have.
    And the snow!!
    Have a lovely weekend Heidi, and thanks for visiting my blog!
    Gill xx

  28. Do you like Mora clocks? ;)

  29. My cleaning skills this morning stretched to my brushing all the dust off my coffee table onto the floor that is hidden by my sofa... sssshhhhuuusssh!

    Victoria xxx

  30. What a lovely post! I adore seeing your collections, and the humor and the dust made it feel like home!

  31. excuse me, miss. whàt dust perhaps?
    also, i couldn't see dust for all that you have in the house and display so elegantly!
    convinced, pie?

  32. Wow, all those lovely Dala horses - I've started a mini collection myself but I've got a long way to catch up with you!