Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a week so far...

My week has been so crazy. I'm almost done in the kitchen and I have brought out my Potmerian dishes for Spring. In my crazy week I thought I'd share something funny Sunday sitting in Bible study between my two boys Cory looks at me and whispers to me, Mom I think you and Jeremy's mustaches are growing in nicely. Then Jeremy rubs his upper lip and said you need to wax Mom. these two teased me till the end. I was sitting in a flood of natural light the worst. I was so self conscious I could hardly talk to anyone thinking I had a caterpillar across my face.... kids are a humbling bunch to hang out with! Soon my finished pictures, sorry it's taking me so long Monday I went down and helped clean the lodge and Tonight I'm going home with my parents so I can help clean some more on Thursday because Saturday they show it..... Pins AND needles! I'm so sorry I have been to busy to comment on all my favorite blogs, I'll catch up with you all soon!


  1. I'm laughing! That's so funny! Kids eh?!!!!!!!!!!


    Good luck for Saturday! x

  2. Good luck for friday, was thinking about that. Its April fools day, hope that has some reverse kind of luck. Sending good vibes!

  3. I cannot believe I missed so many of your posts.
    Your kitchen, bathroom and sink and all of your awsome cabinets are to die for!

    I am going to go back and have to read exactly what your up to but that kitchen is incredible with all that open shelving!

    Keep up what you are doing it is awesome!

  4. Oh my! When I read what they said, I gasped and covered my mouth. I bet you were self- conscious.

    Still praying everything will go well.

  5. Kids! One of my daughters (not mentioning any names!) always told me - good or bad! Don't we love them for that though.
    Praying that someone will love the lodge as much as your family has. Diane

  6. Love your things in your kitchen SPOTS ;-))) fingers and toes are crossed for you, hugs, dee x

  7. wait, what did you decide to paint the bottom cupboards, did I miss it??

  8. Hej Heidi

    Loving all these eye candy!
    Oh don't you just love your boys...mine are exactly the same...they are always telling me Mum you've got a moustache...THANKS!
    Thank goodness for Veet mini facial waxing strips...I reckon I should buy shares in the company lol!
    Hope all goes well for the 1st...
    Thinking of you...

  9. Loving all of your china display and the portmeirion. Just gorgeous.

    Kids huh? We wouldn't be without them for anything would we?

    Have a lovely day. Pam x

  10. Lots of laughter from another moustache mum :o)

    I started laser treatments a few months ago though and have had 4 so far and they're actually working so hopefully I'm up for a lovely hairless summer :o)

    Looking forward to seeing how your kitchen cupboards turned out.

    Take care :o)

  11. Kids say the best things, I love their honesty!!! I never noticed a mustache, it wouldn't matter to me...I'm always pulling stray little hairs out from my I have you beat!!! The beginnings of a beard, LOL!!!! I love your potmerian dishes, really sweet! Still keeping you in my prayers, hopefully the lodge will sell!
    Chris :o)

  12. Love your kitchen things!

    Moustache, eh? Little buggers.

  13. Hi Heidi
    If you want an honest opinion, ask little children, they are so honest.
    Lovely things your showing. All so very colorful.
    Lieve groetjes

  14. Cheeky monkeys... My 4th old daughter loves to describe what she thinks people look like within their earshot. My fingers & toes are crossed for good luck for your mum & dad.

  15. LOL!!! Thats kids for you - give you all sorts of complexes and make you feel self conscious for no reason!!!
    Love the cabinet and contents above, sounds like you're having a crazy busy time!
    Thanks for visiting, you spotted the china cabinet then!!! Will do a post one day on my china tea trios - only have modest collection compared to your fab things, but I like it!
    have a great day Heidi!!
    Gill xx

  16. Meant to say about George - would love to see "after" photos!! We are having Logan trimmed ina week or so and I expect we will be surprsied at what a little boy he is beneath all the fur!!
    Does George like it when hes just been cut? We used to have a welsh terrier who would be so so perky after he'd been groomed - would be proud and show off - after he'd forgiven you for taking him that is!!

  17. Portmeirion - lovely. I did a short stint in a china department many many moons ago and have since then always had a thing for tableware. Good luck and all the best for Saturday.

  18. never mind the caterpillar, any news on the colour of those cabinets yet? have you decided?
    good luck with the sale now too!!!!