Friday, April 30, 2010

a new discovery

Yesterday at Sylvia's she was
wearing the most adorable shoes.
they were brown leopard Mary Jane's.
Super fun, now everyone may already know about
these shoes but we don't see the new and latest in
Alaska for a while...

I want these....
and these....

to wear with,

this ...
how cute is that outfit!
with a place to go
and it would be complete!
check out all there
different styles
super fun.
she said they beat Dansko's
on comfort by a mile
and that's all I seem
to wear.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three more days....

I have been so busy getting ready for the first guests at the lodge.
so many of the things I would like to do around the house
are going to wait but I have been thinking
remember I sold my dining room and kitchen lights.
I think the one I bought for the kitchen will look cuter
in the dining.
sorry about the bright bulb!
Don't you agree.

Now when I got home last night
a friend drove in and surprised me
with this fabulous coat.
My picture does not do it justice.
and it fit like it was made just for me.
Thank you

How wonderful to have a little personal shopper
out on the road.
Have fun in Seattle!

The day before I received more treasures from Lynn
this has got to stop.
it's not my Birthday

But it made my whole tired day!

I will take some pictures of the lodge and post later.
we have been busy opening it all up and getting ready
my Dad laid all new floors down up stairs
looks so nice..

Thank God for Vicki's girls they help us
there's 12 bathrooms in this monster ,yuck..

It seem like yesterday when they bought it.
I came up to help the first year from Seattle and I heard
the stats of 8 men to every one woman.
wow when I saw the plenty, gray long bearded men,
missing teeth , been in the bush to long perhaps.
Thank God when I got back To Seattle,
Sitting behind me in church there was Phil.....
only he brought me back to the bearded land!
and here we are the rest is history!

So Sunday night my Mom and I start cooking but
for today I'm going to get my hair done hooray!
will post more later.

Have a great Day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

50's style

These lamps
I'm in awe.
this is really all you need
and a microwave.

love the stove and floor.

Everything would taste better
cooked in a kitchen this Happy!

check her out cooking in a dress and heels
I'm usually in my pj's by then!

I would be happy with my weight on a scale like this.
It has a kind face
Don't you think!

I don't know which one I like more.

check out the chase in the bathroom.
the carpet though with boys,
I'd need an outhouse for some of there friends!

this is FUN.

What can I say I love pink.

All these photos looked so happy and cheery to me.
These photos remind me of June Cleaver,
in the kitchen cooking!

photos from
us girl
retro renovation
my mudd hut

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I had a great day!

Amanda my friend stopped by and took some pictures.
for my new header.
she is the one who
introduced me to the world of blogging.
I didn't think I would like it
and now I can't imagine
not being a blogger!
In Alaska I have found that it has taken years to find women
with similar interest as me
where in Blog land It
only took a few clicks.
and here you all are!!!
So thank you.
Now Amanda
She is an amazing photographer an
incredible mother
fantastic cook.
Show stopping potter!
check out her blog.....
I'm so blessed to have such talented friends
in Alaska too!

Now I love these shoes but I never would wear them.

Now I would wear this dress with a cardigan
never sleeveless
these arms

these beautiful shoes

love them but there

out of my comfort zone

which leads me to the next dilemma

I just don't take pictures of myself

way out of my comfort zone

My kids have pictures of my wedding

and a few others,

I just take HORRIBLE pictures,

Amanda did it

the impossible

she took a picture

I'm pleased with

drum roll please

a picture of ME.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

My weekend Finds....

I should have had my before picture first
oh well .
I took some fabric scraps
and cut out petals free hand.
then I sprayed them with spray adhesive.
check out my polyester throw again in its new home .
I found this lamp and loved it but the shade was so dated and small.
so at the next thrift store I asked if they had any shades
this is what she brought me $4

before shot
I wanted a bigger shade for whimsy
goofy or cute?

I found this quilt top and a huge box
full of pre-cut squares.
100's of them

I love these stacking boxes
pictures and wood figure.

wool throw
and pretty dish

These sheets I have big plans for
show you later.

I loved this dish
its huge
this could be used for
so many things.

these two chairs
wait till I get done with there makeovers.

this cabinet is cute
I also got a vintage bookshelf
I don't know what color I'll paint it.
I won't bore you with the rest.
with all this no wonder I hit that car!

British Country Living

these are so fun!
Beautiful garden party with candles.

OOPS this is Paris....

a pot of tea
what more do you need in a space like this
maybe a garden view.

Fresh flowers
they make me so happy!

I love these HUGE mirrors.

Are you in love with these canisters as much as I am?

I think these are so fun..

While visiting my sister
she gave me a stack of British Country Living magazines
she had picked up at a thrift store for$.29 a copy.
I love that someone donated instead of throwing them in the trash.
I will pour over them for years to come..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A little Good with the Bad...

Friday late afternoon my Mom and I left for Anchorage.
I was soooo excited .
No kids, no Hubby and no George!
we went out to a lovely dinner
in celebration of my sisters Birthday!!!
did a little thrifting after dinner.
then went back to my sisters for the night.
So this morning we woke up
stopped at atm
everything was great
I can't wait to show you all
my wonderful finds.
when there it was
a garage sale
One of those that you've pulled in
and immediately
you want to leave.
my sister and I get out
and get back in
the truck
Junk I say
is it clear behind I ask the Birthday girl.
45 minutes waiting with the cops
because it was in
an apartment complex
they didn't know where the car owner lived
Blah blah blah
I lost 2 points off my license
for 4 years
$85 ticket for reckless
The owner of the vehicle
walks out
OH my poor car!!

This took the wind right out of my HAPPY sails
until the next thrift store where I found this...
A crazy style throw all done out of polyester clothes !
I loved it
I don't know why..
It ended my Mommy Day perfectly
and I was greeted back home
a little more appreciated as always!
I spent $85
and wait till you see what I got for it.
will post my treasures soon!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pen Pal Swap and my Spot.

I thought I would show you my little blog spot.
My thrifted $20 orange metal desk...
Loved it the minute I saw it..
Apron thrift girl had a pen pal swap which
I entered,
I sat down this morning
with my first cup of coffee
the most important part of my day
to write this letter to karalea.
when I realized I don't think I
have written a letter by hand for 20 years.
I really think texting and computers have made this a
lost art...
Look at how beautiful this is and with email these days
we are losing out on the fun of
going back and reading letters of our past.
My dad went to look at some property in remote part of Alaska
and in this old cabin since abandoned
years before left for the animals
in it were old letters
from the sister of the woman
who lived in this cabin with her
husband and children.
the sister was writing from Victoria ,BC
about her love life and how
she was hoping this young man was going to kiss her.
How sweet is that.
I would have loved to have read them all.
there they sat for some 60 years.
I wonder if they are still there.
and the young lady has I'm sure passed on
and little did she know that her sweet story
would be passed on by a stranger.
With technology we wont find beautiful letters
stored away!

any who Karalea sent me this amazing letter
where I got to know her and her family.
with this lovely gift.

I had to share this detail she embroidered my name.
I'm off to mail her my hen scratch letter !!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I could live in a shack?

When I was younger
I always said
I could live in a shack
with the man of my dreams.
Now I think a humble abode
is what I'd change my line to,
but these girls loved their
My father years ago gave us this lovely little trailer.
So one Sunday after church we came to haul it up off the beach
and on its 40 mile journey home.
When the back sides of this lovely contraption
blew off, then the tire went flat.
we drove past 2 dump sites
that I begged Phil to stop and we
would make a certain deposit
of an unsightly gift.
we drove about 25 mph
and made this long trip
home to the final
or resting spot!

After 8 years if you can't stand to look at it
decorate it.
what a traveling little
Alaska motor home these girls have.

Poor George he even has a bed,
note the save me Mommy
look on his face!