Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three more days....

I have been so busy getting ready for the first guests at the lodge.
so many of the things I would like to do around the house
are going to wait but I have been thinking
remember I sold my dining room and kitchen lights.
I think the one I bought for the kitchen will look cuter
in the dining.
sorry about the bright bulb!
Don't you agree.

Now when I got home last night
a friend drove in and surprised me
with this fabulous coat.
My picture does not do it justice.
and it fit like it was made just for me.
Thank you

How wonderful to have a little personal shopper
out on the road.
Have fun in Seattle!

The day before I received more treasures from Lynn
this has got to stop.
it's not my Birthday

But it made my whole tired day!

I will take some pictures of the lodge and post later.
we have been busy opening it all up and getting ready
my Dad laid all new floors down up stairs
looks so nice..

Thank God for Vicki's girls they help us
there's 12 bathrooms in this monster ,yuck..

It seem like yesterday when they bought it.
I came up to help the first year from Seattle and I heard
the stats of 8 men to every one woman.
wow when I saw the plenty, gray long bearded men,
missing teeth , been in the bush to long perhaps.
Thank God when I got back To Seattle,
Sitting behind me in church there was Phil.....
only he brought me back to the bearded land!
and here we are the rest is history!

So Sunday night my Mom and I start cooking but
for today I'm going to get my hair done hooray!
will post more later.

Have a great Day!


  1. I love the light fixture, Heidi, it has a lot of personality. It will be perfect! I'm going to miss you or will you be able to stay in touch? Thanks for the story of you and Phil, it really is very romantic. Have a wonderful day (whatever you're doing). Diane

  2. I love the story of how you and your husband met. Thank you for sharing it in your letter! Which I received all it's glory! Thank you so much...brightened my spirits and made my day. Will post about it very soon! Good luck with the lodge...and the bearded men!