Monday, April 19, 2010

More treasures...

I received such lovely gifts this week.
I received this lovely cheer me up box from Lynn....
(because the taxman put my trip on hold)
with this adorable doll dresser for Mimi
she loved it....
It was full of little handmade quilt pieces..

More sweet treasures from Lynn....
that came in a beautiful tin.
(first picture)

check out this vintage pillow made by Vickarooni..

she took a granny afghan apart and crocheted

this beautiful edge on...

and last This is one of two of my new Amy Butler

tunics my mom made for me.

I love them.

I should have taken a picture of it on the mannequin..

to do it justice, to lazy..

Our 14yr old came down with the flu last night

I pray the rest of us are spared the misery of it..



  1. Lots of lovely treasures, I really love the photo of the cushion! Hope your 14 year old recovers quickly and that none of you catch it. x

  2. How sweet of Lynn to send you a pick me up package. How nice is that!!! Love all your sweet treasures and your cute smock. I pray your family stays well. You don't need that! Diane

  3. Don't get sick!!! Good grief.

    I hope Jeremy get's better soon:(

    Love Love Love the tunic. Way to go Bon!

    So sweet of Lynnie - so thoughtful.

    And Vicki . . . what doesn't the woman do?