Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think I need one of those cover up things for my house.
Yuck, it's been snowing for 2 days very lightly.I was planning on Spring
so I packed up all my warm clothes last Saturday.
Under one of these things 8 months of winter might go by quicker.

I hate to admit my whole yard is WEEDS.
I like to pretend there flowers.
I do have lots of wild Roses ,Fire weed and Lupine.

The problem is every summer we pack up
and move down to my parents fishing lodge.
Where we work in the family business.
So we close up the store and house for 4 months.
So a yard is out of the question.
Someday Madelief, I hope will be my gardening mentor her yard
I covet...
I'm patient my gardening day will come.

I love this look, when it starts to grow on a trellis or house.
I wonder if the overgrown look is easy to do?

Hydrangeas are my ultimate favorite of all time.
This so pretty!


  1. Beautiful images! It's not easy keeping a lovely garden! I will be trying extra hard this year! Madeliefs garden is beatiful! This lovely lady will definitely be my inspiration!
    Rachel x

  2. Dear Heidi,

    Your gardening pictures are so beautiful!! To spend four months in a fishing lodge sounds good to me. Your garden will definetely come. I am sure of it! I had to wait more than thirty years. If you need any help in time with your garden....just let me know ;-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Even if you don't get to garden and your yard's a wreck you can always dream of the perfect, beautiful garden. Someday you will have one. Diane