Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something Sweet! Something Messy!

I decided to start revamping the store this morning.
Phil said he would help me move furniture around
but he soon left and was never found till dinner.
Diane who also had an antique store will agree
when you move one display It turns into
almost all of them...
I'll have to take pictures when I'm done.
My poor customers today,
I had to keep apologizing for my explosion of creativity.
I finished this one corner and quit...
I figured it would all be there Monday.
and went to baking for our dinner after church.
I 'm bushed.
I wish I could give you all a pastry and wish you
a blessed Easter!
with a cup of coffee of course.


  1. Boy! Do I know that, Heidi! And then the customers start pouring in as soon as you have an awful mess going. I think they think you'll uncover something you didn't know you had. teehee It looks like you have some fabulous things, I can't wait to see your new do. Diane

  2. I was so busy looking at the things in your shop that I didn't see that fabulous pastry. I'll take two please.

  3. Fabulous display in your shop!Love your red enamel, my favourite colour!
    Your pastries look delicious too!
    Rachel x

  4. Love your store! And the sweets look awesome. I can't wait to see the shop.