Friday, April 23, 2010

Pen Pal Swap and my Spot.

I thought I would show you my little blog spot.
My thrifted $20 orange metal desk...
Loved it the minute I saw it..
Apron thrift girl had a pen pal swap which
I entered,
I sat down this morning
with my first cup of coffee
the most important part of my day
to write this letter to karalea.
when I realized I don't think I
have written a letter by hand for 20 years.
I really think texting and computers have made this a
lost art...
Look at how beautiful this is and with email these days
we are losing out on the fun of
going back and reading letters of our past.
My dad went to look at some property in remote part of Alaska
and in this old cabin since abandoned
years before left for the animals
in it were old letters
from the sister of the woman
who lived in this cabin with her
husband and children.
the sister was writing from Victoria ,BC
about her love life and how
she was hoping this young man was going to kiss her.
How sweet is that.
I would have loved to have read them all.
there they sat for some 60 years.
I wonder if they are still there.
and the young lady has I'm sure passed on
and little did she know that her sweet story
would be passed on by a stranger.
With technology we wont find beautiful letters
stored away!

any who Karalea sent me this amazing letter
where I got to know her and her family.
with this lovely gift.

I had to share this detail she embroidered my name.
I'm off to mail her my hen scratch letter !!


  1. awwwww thats sooo beautiful- funny thing is i have the letter giveaway on my blog cos i love letters- hand written ones ;0) how beautiful that she embroidered your sweet name on it bless x i love your desk! i love seeing where people create and sit by there computers ;0)xx

    thanks for sharing lovely post x

  2. How lovely to write a hand written letter...I loved your story of the young woman in the cabin! And embrodering your name...what a beautiful touch. Hope all is well :)

  3. Oh how adorable, i can barely write a shopping list now, 6 years at Uni ruined my once lovely penmanship. How smiply divine is that embroidery, some people are just super incredible aren't they?? I love your desk although i am prone to banging my elbows (i eat like a lady) but i think i'd be putting a dent in that wall by your chair!! Love Posie

  4. What a cute little spot you have, Heidi! And the slanted roof makes it look so cozy.

    You're right about letters. It's very sad. I might even surprise somebody and write them a letter. They'll be so shocked they'll keel over! Diane

  5. Hi Heidi,

    Such a good idea, a Pen Pal swap! I used to write long letters to my aunts and uncles who live in a different part of Holland when I was young, but nowadays all goes by email! They even read my blog now, so funny!! The lady who sent you the letter must have spent a long time writing and embroidering it!

    Love your writing spot! Is it from the fifties/sixties?

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Your letter is really beautiful, just like your blog. I love your blog spot, or should that be blogging spot, oh well its adorable!

  7. What a gorgeous blog you have! I love the idea of a pen pal swap. I am another that has a hand that hurts after writting a shopping list though. Your blogging corner is lovely too. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.