Sunday, April 18, 2010

A dreamy kitchen redo

Boy I would love to spend a whole day in this store.
Hudson Goods
I love this mix match kitchen.
I so want to get back into working on the house.
we have done nothing since Lynn's visit.
But this was a much needed break!
(Nsk cabinets)

We have that one bare wall where I took out my pantry cupboards
and put in our bedroom, which I still love!
the much needed storage...

This is sweet ..I love the color

Stop that truck.
I think it would be fun to mix match pieces of furniture
on that empty wall.
like some of the pieces
in the pictures above .

But built ins are always nice to.
glass doors a must.

It will probably be this fall though,
for this project because
we have only 2 weeks left of
freedom till the first clients arrive
at the lodge.

and so the busy season


  1. Dear Heidi,

    Love the kitchen you posted too. The fact that it's not perfect makes is so attractive! Looking forward to see the final result of your kitchen makeover in the fall.

    Have a happy sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. Oh Heidi, I'm especially loving the 2nd photo! Just gorgeous!
    Rachel x

  3. Whatever you do with your kitchen will be scrumptions I'm sure. The one thing that we just don't have, besides pockets full of cash, is time, time, time. Will you be able to post when you're at the lodge? I hope so. Diane

  4. Oh wow, all those styles are amazing, so homey & practical. Love Posie

  5. Oooooo, the Hudson Goods photo is amazing. I have a copy the 2nd photo you posted also - the colors & that sink are gorgeous! :)
    So many beautiful kitchens, so little time, but it is a lot of fun pulling the ideas together to create your dream kitchen!
    Happy day to you and yours, Heidi!