Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunny Spots inside

I love everything in this sunny Yellow room
even the floor.
check out this floor..
How cheery is
the yellow in here with the fun colors and tile...
I love mixing colors on cabinets...
I should have been born in the 50's 
How fabulous. 
love this stove
this is just too perfect!!
I love this paneling...

I got a surprise yesterday My Mom flew out
and I have her for the whole week.
Happy Sunny Day !!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Week Left...Hooray !!!!!

Well this is it my last week!!!
No more 3am mornings for another year after this week.....
and I got the bad news last night
 I won't be getting my side kick back
 in the middle of the week as planned (mom)!

I think Laverne could have been a saucy co worker
I may have had a little trouble with all the male guests though
My Mom has a look on her face alot like the lady featured on
 Pinecone and Roses today...

Sunday morning this will be me loaded and out of there

Then I will have to get cracking on this 50th party!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I still have Goosebumps!!! The Motherload.

Last night I had closed the store for the night
 and Carol my neighbor was over visiting with Phil and I.

the phone rang and it was this man wanting to sell me stuff
know how these calls go ,
I'm moving, I have to get rid of this stuff.....
so when he got to the house
I opened the first box and this glass is what I saw.
So without looking at anything else I offered him a price on all of it.
a low price because it was late and I told him it's a gamble for me
take it or leave it.

He said you haven't looked through the boxes
I said I know but I don't have time.
it was making me nervous because he kept asking me about cash
I said I don't keep alot of cash.
so they took the money and left and as he was leaving he said
I have more old stuff from my Grandma.
I politely said No thank you.
I'm an idiot!
as I was opening all the boxes I was
screaming with excitement
under the layers of filth
were these exquisite treasures...
Look at the amount of lovelies
German,French, Prussia, Austria and Japan
Fine bone china from England
Look at the detail of these.
the kids love this tea cup
Look at this glass bowl
I love these hand painted blue pieces.
these plates were so beautiful.
A little Norman
and more

What else did he have...
I may just have to check my caller I.d.

what a score
a blessed gift!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm ready for FALL

Fall fashion I have to say is my most favorite.
It's the time I have the most trouble with myself
not wanting to buy the world
if I could afford it
which I can't
 so a girl can
and if I could this coat would be in my closet.
along with this bag
These shoes I would love just to look at on my shelf!
Love this dress
I would wear this blouse to death...
I love this outfit
 if I was still out in the working world
 but I would be a little overdressed for the store!
This outfit is amazing cool casual but
the plaid would not work with
well my ....
Someday my goal after my 3 kids stop
taking all my money
I want to only have pretties
under my clothes not just boring whites
is that too much information!!!!

P.s. I have the cleanest house ever
and your right they do come home all too quick!!!

By then I have missed them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New treasures

I hit a sale on Sunday and found a ton of
beautiful Royal Velvet towels....
I didn't take pictures of them all but how pretty are they and
they were in like new condition for $3
I got a bunch of little desert plates and cups and saucers
I liked the delicate little flowers.
I love these metal shades talk about a craft day project or
you could just hang them as a light.
How amazing is this vintage orange leather coat.
It was free and lets just say I paid for it in a sense
but that's a whole pot of coffee story that started a 7 am.
with are you open!
Love this sweet tea set.
more bits and baubles for craft day!!
I liked these they are the same set my cousin Elaine had
thinking back her whole house was a great example of mid century!

Now check out this find
a vintage cake topper
I'm going to use it for my parent 50th
wedding anniversary party.

I could use some help ,
 what are thing you do at one of these affairs ?
what do you serve?

My sister and I are putting it together on
September 12 Th
I though a Sunday afternoon
would be a good time?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Milestone and a tear.

Today was the first day of school....
and the way the kids had been fighting the last 2 weeks
 I was so ready to send them on their way to school!
Until this morning our oldest starts his first day of high school
 and our baby starts kindergarten.
Cory starts 5th grade.
and I started to cry leaving the school....
this is a day I have been waiting for the first time in 15 years I
don't have a little one with me at home.
I have cleaned both toilets and am starting the laundry
I think I'll get used to the peace and quiet!!

The flowers I bought at the farmers market
how pretty are they I would like to see the rest of her yard.