Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm ready for FALL

Fall fashion I have to say is my most favorite.
It's the time I have the most trouble with myself
not wanting to buy the world
if I could afford it
which I can't
 so a girl can
and if I could this coat would be in my closet.
along with this bag
These shoes I would love just to look at on my shelf!
Love this dress
I would wear this blouse to death...
I love this outfit
 if I was still out in the working world
 but I would be a little overdressed for the store!
This outfit is amazing cool casual but
the plaid would not work with
well my ....
Someday my goal after my 3 kids stop
taking all my money
I want to only have pretties
under my clothes not just boring whites
is that too much information!!!!

P.s. I have the cleanest house ever
and your right they do come home all too quick!!!

By then I have missed them.


  1. Hello Heidi

    OOh you survived the week without!
    Love that tartan dress would a black cashmere polo underneath have such good taste and style, and yesss I say the same but I do love my comfort soo I think I'll stick to my white sloggis lol!
    Have a great weekend
    Julie x

  2. I love the shoes! Oh and the dress is just beautiful!

  3. Hello Lovely Heidi,
    Those shoes are amazing.....I would love to look at them on my shelf too! x

  4. You got a steal girl...we paid 250.00 for that sink and then had to order the faucets 2x because we measured wrong the first time...there is alot more to that story though....

    I checked out Hippo Hardware cool place.

    I hope you had a truck to drag that dang heavy sink north!

  5. You have the most fun taste, Heidi. I bet all of these things would look great on you, too. Diane