Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A room with an inside view

I have loved this Anthropologie table for years...
These colors
talk about a lovely craft room
How cute is this
Decor 8 / Anthropologie
All of these rooms are from a few years ago
 and there still as lovely today!
My coveted couch
Check out the wood work in this room.
I have to share 2 hours after my Whiner guest left
 look what my next group of 12 fishermen brought me
a dozen roses and all hugs....

Now while I'd like to crawl into one of these lovely Anthropologie rooms.
I've got till September 4th left at the lodge
and we will celebrate.

then I'll get to go home
and sleep in my own bed
I think I miss that the most!!

For those of you who are new I have a little Antique-gift shop that
I run from Sept-April.
I then close that up for the summer
and  move down with my
family to my parents fishing lodge
Where I cook from


  1. Sounds like an idlylic life Heidi ;-) x
    Lovely presents too...
    Loving the eye candy pictures also.
    Have a great week ahead
    Kram Julie x

    BTW Thank you for all the lovely comments you have been leaving. I am supposed to be having a break from computer until end of August...so that's why I'm a bit quite. Off to London tomorrow YAY!

  2. Heidi... Those Anthropologie pictures are so lovely... Great that they haven't dated.
    I cut out five size 7 dresses today all different colour combinations, I'll email some photos so you can make your fabric choice.

  3. Wow what eye candy! I LOVE all those pictures. That yellow table is awesome. i could quite happily spend all my time in those rooms! What a great bunch of roses! Always nice to be given flowers...I have to buy my own now if I want any...sob sob!!!!!!!!

    I hope that your days are good and that come sept you will get to have a great night back in your own bed! Much love Vanessa xxx

  4. Hello Heidi, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your kind comment.

    I had to come over and take a peek at "where you're from"- it sounds nice having 2 seasonal workplaces but I think i would miss my bed.
    I love your blog and the photos are fab.

    Living here in the Dorset countryside we are rural, but I was AMAZED at the pics of the bear in your previous post...the most we get are foxes, deer, badgers- but nothing like a BEAR, thats what we see on TV!

    Hope to chat again

  5. thanks for the info...it is like stepping into a conversation mid- sentence...I like all the colours in the pictures.

  6. Gorgeous rooms, I can't believe I still haven't paid the Anthropologie in London a visit. I must do that soon,

    Victoria x

  7. Hiya only me! taken some time to be nosey and read up on your life! Sounds fun and funpacked hard work. Cannot really imagine your world as an ex Londoner; so much space and beauty. Think I may go crazy!What intrigues me is how you manage to find such interesting and diverse stock in such a remote part of the world? Your little girl is so pretty; I too have a son who was 16 the other day, but no daughter sniff; c'est la vie. Thanks for the snooping moment haha linda x
    PS feeling better but haven't posted wireman yet; sorry but soon...

  8. Amazing how one person can ruin everybody's week. Seriously selfish! How sweet to receive flowers from the next group. My husband would be in heaven up there!

  9. Hi Heidi, loving all your colorful happy images! Thank you for entering my Giveaway. I will throw your notes in the big giveaway bowl. Fingers crossed for you! Have a happy Tuesday. xx

  10. I'm with you - I love that couch too. In fact they're all inspiring. Glad the whiner left and was replaced by some nice people. Enjoy your roses. Diane

  11. I'm L.O.V.I.N.G all of these images. But that yellow table is divine.....I adore yellow at the moment. So sunny and bright. x

  12. Hi Heidi,

    It won't be long before you return home. A month passes by so quickly! Your images from Anthropologie are lovely. Wish we could buy the brand here! Sometimes I have a look at their website. They have some beautiful clothes as well!

    Lucky you to receive those flowers!!

    Happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. How amazing to see a bear in your garden!