Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Pear Story...that moves!

The pear in the kitchen.
Pear in the dining.
pear in the corner
see the vesatility!
Pear on his side lounging with squares.
Pretty in pink!
pear in bed
On a bench.
Out enjoying some rays.
On top of the world.

In the LOO.

I got to go home today for a bit.
 I had received my pear awhile ago
but had not had any time to really enjoy it.
It's so adorable
and well made,
 I think everyone should have a pear!!

My wonderful pear took life at
Moose and Bird

She is amazing!


  1. How totally fantastic! Am totally loving that pear.....and just about everything else in all the pictures too! Ooooohhhhh a post to make my heart sing! Thank you! Have a great day my lovely! xxxxxx

  2. Cute pictures, it is a beautiful pear! I LOVE that rosie rug under the pink chair, lovely!

  3. So much cooler than a knome having all the fun!! That is one gorgeous pear, love Posie

  4. Love the pair! You also have so many gorgeous chairs!!
    Tamzin X

  5. That pear does get around. What a really cute idea, Heidi. And what a cute pear. Diane

  6. What a great post Heidi! I love how you have made it into a story about a roaming pear. It made me smile. xo

  7. That pear is way too cute! ADORABLE! Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of F*U*N xx

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  9. Love the adventures of your pear. It makes me want some calico fruit!