Monday, August 2, 2010

Carol Lambert

I love the colors in this one
Another favorite
I love her use of color
You have to check out her blog read the story on this painting
Diane you will  appreciate it!

Another painting I thought of for Diane
with all the marble!

Carol is an Alaskan artist.
You will have to check out all about her amazing life
and beautiful art here!


  1. You have beautiful taste in everything! Thanks for you comment, you're right, how can a girl have too many clothes, not possible!! I'll just have to get superstrength rails in my wardrobe...

  2. What amazing colours! Gorgeous images as ever. Thanks a bunch and hope you're having a wonderful week :)

  3. These are AWESOME! What an amazing woman!

  4. Thanks, Heidi for spreading the word about my artwork! Very kind of you to devote so much space to my work. In addition to the blog, for which you provided the link, I also have a website at
    I hope we will keep in touch!
    Best wishes,