Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

I love vintage illustrations.
We had to postpone craft day this week
because Phil ripped up the driveway.
So I got to visit Amanda at her Home
and drink coffee....
does it get any better!
She passed along this lovely book.
I'll share more about it later.

Fresh Fruit
Tricia brought me fresh apples from the
Farmers market.

I love Brentleigh pottery.

It's made in Samara England.
Have any of you heard about this pottery
or live close to Samara?

I love vintage childrens jewelry!
this was also in that Fido book
from Amanda.

Some more fresh flowers from a friend.
Diane notice the tablecloth
I love it!


I had to share with you
my new piece.

unusual lighting

and most of all
I wish I lived in a city where I could again
walk on sidewalks and drool over lovely front porches.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do you think? and a few treasures.

OK here is my question.
I was approached my a new photographer.
who is starting up her own business.
which I think she is going to do well
and I'm all for supporting a new business.
Phil and I are so thankful for all the people
in the community who believed in us and
supported us to get our little business up and running!

Now back to my question.
she asked me if she could bring a small school on a field trip
out to the store to take pictures.
In front of my house.
It's all weeds I don't have a flower to speak of.
In fact she thought my house was deserted
and nobody lived there.
sometimes I jump in and say yes to quick.
any advice on something
that I might have missed.
Or how I could help?

I love these demi cups I found....super cute!
I put them in the store
 but they may find there way back into the kitchen.

I also bought 60 new linens.
How pretty is this,
there are a few German linens mixed in the bunch.

Look at these beautiful flowers a
neighbor dropped off for my mom.
I think my Mom is going to get to go
home this Sunday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Princess

I went through my magazines yesterday
looking for this article in
Romantic Homes.

I wanted to show you this cast iron floral cake surround
it's just so beautiful and it holds candles also.
but alas I could not find the issue I was looking for and
I never realized how many magazines I have saved.
I think I must have at
least 200 or more...

Any way I got off track, today is Mimi's (Emilia)

and I would have loved
to have posted a sweet little picture of her
our 15 year old deleted all my picture files off of the computer
I am still trying to calm down.
This might take awhile.....

Now I remember how my parents felt
when I did stupid things!

When I picked them up from school yesterday I told
her I had found one of her birthday gifts that she could
open early.....she was not impressed
but I was ,look at how cute this is!

I paid $3
I'm going to put a bunch of pumpkins on it or around it...
after Mimi tires of driving it around the house
she warmed up to it quite fast
as did Cory!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a little English Fashion

I love these outfits...
and this one
And this one I would just tweak these
white pants to jeans...

was so sweet to include me in a magazine swap
that I had missed on
and then she included me also
after the fact.
So I got to do the swap twice.
My Mom and I were so excited
 the other day.
when the Country Living arrived
from Panda Potter.

Take time to look at both of their blogs they are so lovely
I was just hooked
when I stumbled upon them one fine day.

I hope she receives my Magazines
shortly also!
Never leave a man in charge to mail something....

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A wonderful Girls Day!!! and a picture of me

Look at this ADORABLE
Lynn it's my new go-to....
Amanda always makes the prettiest cards too!
I love these sweet pins.
I also received my first ever Cath Kidtson
I almost cried..
and last but not least this Bliss book for Bloggers

I love it!

All these lovelies came from Amanda.

I had such a great day
Great company
Good Food

what more could a girl want
Oh the best great conversations!

If you want to finally see me
she has a picture posted today!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few re-do's and craft day results.

These pictures were something I worked on today
they were cream colored and dated
so I sprayed them,
lets just say they are a work in progress!
I loved the style of these.

So I painted them
 recovered them with  the vintage oilcloth
from this summer!

Here's are craft project from today.
Phil thought they were
not so hot!
I'm so excited about next weeks project.

I hope you all had a great day too!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a sweet SURPRISE!

Look at how sweet this is....
and all of these
and these sweet little
Joseph originals.

Look at that cute
Don't forget!
this sweet embroidered
pillow cover.
vintage Christmas cards
This adorable strawberry table cloth
AND cute rooster cup.

All of these treasures came from sweet Diane
over at the lovely
Pinecone and Roses

When Phil came in yesterday from the post office
and I saw a box.
I always get excited.
 Thank you so much
I just treasure it all!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Dee Doh

Surfing along the internet I found this cute
pink cabinet.
this would be so fun to display in.
How sweet is this room, I love the paper.
I think its sweet becauseit's not
too perfect!
I love the bright.
I don't know how many times I have passed on those tables in my life
and look at how cute it is!
look at these great floors and the cute yellow.
I could live in this room,
 I love how they mounted the shelf as a night stand.

Love the paper.

My nursing ability leaves something to be desired
but were making it.
I have had years of training when it comes to dressing children but adults
not so much.
At least you can hear her coming with her walker
I told her she can never sneak up on me, eek squeak!
everyday she's getting more mobile which
is so nice to see.

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A fine day indeed

I fell in love with Fine little day's summer home.
It's just dreamy!
So when I saw this Vintage sheet I had to have it.
I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with it!
along with these vintage curtains,
Now I just hope my creation turns out.
Thrifted items are so wonderful
for projects if they don't turn out
your not out hundreds of dollars.

My Mom is back home with me

Now pray for her and Me
Just Joking!
we will be fine.

starts this Wednesday again.
I'm excited to see what our first project will be.

thanks for all your lovely thoughts and prayers
for my Mom!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have to share this

Mimi had 2 big planters warts on the bottom of her
foot, I didn't know they were there
for the longest time and a friend was in the store this summer
and the subject came up in conversation.
she gave me her natural cure.

You soak a small piece of cotton in Bragg's vinegar
and put  a band aid over it at night only and
after a couple of weeks there gone.
well this summer I was doing this and it stinks!

So when Mimi went in August for her physical
I asked the Doctor how do you get rid of these
I had told her what we had been doing for them.

she looked at me and said we will just burn them off today.
Mimi looked at me...anyway
 she got a piece of paper
and traced Mimi's foot and drew two little dots
on the paper where her warts were
and she had Mimi cut out her traced foot
then she burned the paper in the sink.

I was like what the heck and I started to laugh.
she said we burned them off and in a month they will be gone
they are.

She said it's something they just have to fight off from the inside
and this triggers it and sends a message to the body to fight
and get rid of them.
I thought I'd share in case any of your kids
get a dreaded wart.
I'm speechless!

sorry about the gross subject
matter back to decorating tomorrow.