Friday, September 17, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I tried to be creative
I love how in magazines they
capture such interesting shots
from a reflection in a mirror.

So I had fun looking at my rooms
through my mirrors...

It was fun...

this is one of my favorite cabinets.
You seem to just get snippets of things.
one of my favorites.

I love these old round mirrors.

Do you see my pear
but look at the junk in my backyard...
or the wood pile that someday will be my covered front porch.
this mirror I found in my Dad's home town for $20
and It reflects my front door that was salvaged out of
an older home in Seattle.
I just had to have it.
What's behind the mirrors in your home?
I found alot of stuff in the corners
and the reflection of someone 42.

I'm going on a field trip with Mimi's class today
to the wildlife refuge and the new park
so it should be fun!

then to the hospital

My poor Mom they are keeping her till Saturday
she is just not getting around like she did
with her first hip replacement and
today she has a fever
 and they were also wondering about a blood transfusion
so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. I will keep you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers today. It is good that they are working out all of the kinks before she comes home with you. Please keep us informed on her progress.

  2. Happy 42nd Heidi!

    I'm sorry your mom hasn't snapped back quickly. I will be thinking of her.

    Next Thursday . . . Homer! To celebrate!

  3. hey? my god, you have a lot of mirrors. is that good feng shui then, hey? just kidding! mirrors are fun...
    [good luck to your mama, too. x]

  4. Happy happy birthday! And, happy birthday to Cory yesterday! I'll have to show the kids the picture of Cory and Mimi....very funny!
    Lots of prayers going to Bonnie! Please tell her we are praying for a speedy recovery!
    Have fun at the Wildlife Refuge, that's where my Mom worked when we lived up there.
    Tell the family hello!

  5. Good Lord my mirrors are dirty too!!!no one look to close....

  6. What an interesting post...Love all your mirrors
    Wishing your Mum well on the road to recovery...I will keep you both in my prayers and thoughts...
    Wishing you a restful weekend

  7. Heidi I am laughing my head of :-DDDDDD
    We must have left a comment on each other's post at exactly the same time...JINX 1
    JINX 2 For the last 2 days I have left my ipod on my blogg playing my music while I'm doing the washing up and flitting funny.
    I am really flattered that you enjoy it soo much.
    Just such talented, gifted musicians and singers...

  8. Your mum is in my prayers, Heidi - will you please remember my mum, too, as we both have some mother-concerns at the moment. My mum is at home but will probably go into a hospice fairly soon. It's good to know that we can support each other across the ocean like this!

  9. PS I love your mirrors! I am collecting mirrors and one of these days we are going to fix them all to a dark wall in our house to bounce off the light. Now I just have to get Ben out of the garden long enough to hang them all!

  10. Hello Heidi,
    Sending much love to your Mum and hope she has a quick recovery. Loving your mirrors, your house looks so interesting.....I wish I could visit in real life. xo

  11. Happy Birthday, Heidi! Hope it's been a good one. I love the idea of the mirrors, it's interesting how your house looks when you do that, kind of like a camera, it shows what you didn't know was there. In the one where you asked if we saw the pear or the backyard - I saw the beautiful Alaska light coming in the window, beautiful shots! Prayers for your mom, hope she's getting around better soon. Diane

  12. Your mirrors are gorgeous!! LOve your little shabby cupboard too. Hope the field trip was wonderful and that your Mum is well and truly on the mend. Wishing you a lovely Sunday :)

  13. wow - how many mirrors have you got?? I love mirrors and even though it's not great feng shui, especially in the bedroom I do have quite a few :o) They really brighten up a room.

    Hope your mum is doing ok.
    Thanks for your lovely comment about the chair.
    I better go and finish it !!