Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little Birthday Man

Today is Cory's birthday
he turns 11.

we were in Fred Meyer a few
days ago and they picked out their
Halloween costumes.

Cory looks like Starsky doesn't he?
(Starsky and Hutch)

He wore his Mustache envy shirt to school
yesterday along with his mustache and
his substitute teacher yelled at him.
poor guy

He had just wanted to show his friends
 and school had not started yet
I told him brush it off your going to
run into people your whole life that
just can't take a joke!
their wound up a bit to tight
I'm just glad your not one of them....

Happy Birthday Cory!!!

Yesterday I took the kids
back into see Grandma
and then Phil picked them up and I stayed
a little longer.
she was sleeping so much
I fell asleep and had the most peaceful


  1. Happy Birthday Cory!

    You guys have all the best Halloween costumes on offer,

    Victoria x

  2. Happy Birthday Cory! Sorry about the thing at school. You're right some people are just wound too tight!! Hope your mom is doing better, how long will she be in there? Is she in the hospital in Soldotna? I've been there!! In fact I was at Fred Meyer, too!!!! Poor George, it's so much harder to get the weight off than to put it on, Rascal needs to loose some, too. The vet said she'd feel a lot better if he did! Now how does that work? Diane

  3. Happy Birthday Cory! Love the outfit! Glad you got a lovely nap in! xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Happy Birthday to your son ;-)
    Great outfit too

  5. BTW Heidi
    Thanks for your lovely comment and forgot to say loving your new look blog, the header is great!

  6. Happy Birthday Cory! You almost had him on your birthday didn't you? Wow! No wonder you're birds of a feather. OOOOHHH, I like that for a blog title. Birds of a Feather!

    Anyway, I hope your mom recovers perfectly. It was great to see your dad. He is such a cutie pie.

    Enjoy the day!

  7. Honestly, you have to wonder about some people..and a teacher at that!! I hope he had a really great day & so nice for you to have managed a little nap, lovely! Your new header is great, by the way...

  8. Happy Birthday to Cory... They both look adorable in the photo.
    My nephew Dylan is 11 today. Busy time of year for birthdays in our family.

  9. Hi Heidi,

    Happy Birthday to Corry!!! Your daughter and son look very sweet in their Halloween outfit. Love the green hair :-)!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend!


  10. Almost forgot....your new header is great...looks like you are ready for the fall!!