Friday, September 3, 2010

New Rugs and Original Sean the Prawn Dresses

I got in a new rug order for the store.
I  LOVE this one.
Some more
and some Cotton and  indoor outdoor rugs
only part of my other line came so will post those later
but here's a preview.
Here's Mimi going off to school this morning
In one of her new dresses that I had special ordered from
 Sean the Prawn
I love this bolero and look at the
handmade brooch!!
Look at the inside fabric
and the stitching.

Each dress has a
beautiful applique.

these are so


  1. WHAT kind of rugs are those? I would love to know how you ordered those so we can order some for our store.

  2. Hej Heidi

    The rugs are beautiful!
    Are you selling these? On-line?
    And I soo love that birdy cushion too.

  3. Oh, my, I want all of those rugs! They're gorgeous! Mimi's dress is very pretty and so are the shoes - and so is she!! Diane

  4. Oh adorable, rugs, MiMi, dresses . . . delightful!! You know my middle girl is a MiMi too (her nick name) & loves a good frock. Love Posie

  5. Hi Heidi,

    When I look at your daughter Mimi, I wished my daughters were young again. If only for the beautiful dresses! It looks very good on her!

    Love your rugs & the light blue pillow with the birds. I think it will fly out of your store!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Hello Heidi! It was so lovely to get your sweet little comment. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I'm missing my blogging....but I will be back soon. I'm feeling a lot stronger and much more able to deal with things. I think it would be nice to come back with some good news though and so far there isn't any so I'll just hang on a bit longer. I'll still be dropping in to catch up with what you're doing over here! Lots and lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. Salut 'H'
    love your pretty little girl in her lovely new dress; wish I had a daughter... Has the wireman arrived yet? it's been nearly 2 weeks, hope he hasn't changed his mind about relocating!!

  8. Hello Heidi,
    thank you for your sweet comment, I've just had a lovely time catching up with your posts! Very inspirational, love the china and the post on kitchens.Those rugs are gorgeous, I love the one with the roses, so pretty!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  9. Good morning Heidi,
    Your rugs are fact I have never seen rugs as gorgeous as these. I want one! And the dresses are as sweet as can be. Hope you have a lovely week. xo

  10. Heidi, I just found this post of yours. I can't believe I missed it. Oh my.. To see Mimi in the dresses I made her is just such a treat. She looks so gorgeous. Thank you for all the beautiful things you said about my work. You are such a lovely customer...the best.