Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have to share this

Mimi had 2 big planters warts on the bottom of her
foot, I didn't know they were there
for the longest time and a friend was in the store this summer
and the subject came up in conversation.
she gave me her natural cure.

You soak a small piece of cotton in Bragg's vinegar
and put  a band aid over it at night only and
after a couple of weeks there gone.
well this summer I was doing this and it stinks!

So when Mimi went in August for her physical
I asked the Doctor how do you get rid of these
I had told her what we had been doing for them.

she looked at me and said we will just burn them off today.
Mimi looked at me...anyway
 she got a piece of paper
and traced Mimi's foot and drew two little dots
on the paper where her warts were
and she had Mimi cut out her traced foot
then she burned the paper in the sink.

I was like what the heck and I started to laugh.
she said we burned them off and in a month they will be gone
they are.

She said it's something they just have to fight off from the inside
and this triggers it and sends a message to the body to fight
and get rid of them.
I thought I'd share in case any of your kids
get a dreaded wart.
I'm speechless!

sorry about the gross subject
matter back to decorating tomorrow.


  1. Crikey! makes me want a wart so I can try it! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Interesting.....I will add this to my little black book of handy hints. Hope your weekend has been lovely. xo

  3. Some of these remedys are so good. I bet Mimi (and you) were both relieved. They work too!! Diane

  4. I love it! Glad it worked!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Ooooh great tip! Will make a note of it! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. The power of the mind is amazing... Wow.. Mind over matter.

  7. HeJ hEJ Heidi

    Wonderful that you have a 'holistic' doctor.
    I truely believe in the power of the mind...please let us know the result, but I already know what you going to say.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    P.S Sorry wasn't ignoring your last comment. I have nEVER eaten 'Lutefisk' YET...Have you?

  8. Oh yeah, we have an ongoing battle with these little warts at the moment, with Son 2. Our doctor has given him conventional treatment AND a homeopathic tablet to take twice a day, so I think he's going for the 'belt and braces' approach!