Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little of this & that

Capital A for adorable
I just had to share my thrifted round pillow....
I love this little chicken that Vicki found for me in Anchorage
to keep my other rooster company.
with all my new found spare time
I did a few fall displays in the store.
and this one
remember those tea cups from last week.

and this gem at the end of my driveway
arrived last week in smoke.

How do I get rid of it
I think
its been abandoned.


  1. You did some great decorating!

  2. Your shop looks so beautiful! LOVE your thrifted pillow..and the chair..and the sweet yellow drawers in the background..and that rug!
    as for the abandoned car, surely someone like a car wreckers will come & tow it away, they'll probably be happy for the parts..or perhaps you should report it first? Have a brilliant weekend!

  3. Boy! That IS a gem! Is it an Alaska plate on it? Around here we'd call the police but I don't know what you do there, maybe call the sheriff??

    Love your new displays, Heidi, especially the pretty table with the new cups, mirrors, and pretty blue box AND the hummingbird chandelier. Blessings, Diane

  4. Hey Heidi, Thanks for visiting Completely Cottage. I think your blog is cool also - LOVE the picture of your kitchen - those open shelves with all those treasures... swoon....
    Have a great weekend

  5. Great finds and wonderful displays.

    Yikes! I never understood how people could just leave cars like that and never come back to claim them. Just up the road from us, someone crashed into a metal pole last week and the car is still there. A nice little red sports car. Don't they want to tow and fix it? Just doesn't make sense to me.

    Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

  6. What great kitchen stuff! My favorites!
    Hugs, lisa

  7. There's just no stopping you is there you're always so motivated!

    Victoria x