Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping in the big city!

check out some finds!
I am going to hang these in my stairway

love these glasses

look at this beautiful blanket and bucket!

loved the colors in this

what a cool chair
and this cart fit perfectly

but the best was this beautiful gift from Amanda
Love it.
I am having my Garage sale on
Friday and Saturday! 9am-6pm
so I'm going to be busy!
Lynn and Charles come on Sunday for a week.
Amanda and Diane will agree I have mellowed on this...
I was a wreck the last time she came to visit and now I can't wait.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Erics adventure to Alaska

Here is a beautiful sunrise!

Here is one of our boats leaving to go fishing.

oops flop picture!

If you ever get the chance to read this book...
Its the wonderful story of Eric who was from Sweden
and at the age of 16 with a steerage ticket given from his aunt
started his adventure to America in 1902.
this is a picture of Eric Fribrock with his son Joe
posed in front of there new boat!

Here is a picture of the cannery and it has not changed!
back in the day it was major port in Alaska.

old stickers

look at the size of this Salmon

when I was 8 months pregnant with Cory ,
Phil had to go across with my Dad to our remote lodge
and they ran into rough water and they were going to
try and follow the coast another 15 miles
and someone from the cannery came out by boat
and said you will spend the night.
what an incredible act of kindness, they said it was like stepping
back in time in the general store
all the old display racks full of merchandise just as it was.
from the 20's to 40's!
in the morning they had left for fishing.
but a fresh thermos of coffee
was outside there door with a note!
I love this picture how great in a dress shoveling!
It's an amazing story.
today the cannery is a Lodge,
I believe it is still in the family!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few things for a Wednesday wish list!

Urban Outfitters
love all of these....
I guess its quite a list!!
whats on your list?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Part 2 Saturday finds!

I love the story behind the treasure....

My Mom and I had to take a client to the airport

on Saturday and driving in we spotted an

estate sale already in progress, so I quickly

hurried to the airport unloaded his fish,hugged,said

goodbye and raced back....

all of these treasures were from this one sale

this woman and her husband moved to Alaska in 1936

they homesteaded in Homer,

she was 99 and just missed her birthday by 2 weeks.

just lovely items everything was half off, I was wondering

what I had missed the first day!

these pictures were my favorite!


look at this button maker with all the extras.

I cant wait to start covering some with my favorite fabric.

look at those leftover covers before saran wrap....

I love the board games and the first scrabble.

old cards and linens

cute apron!

loved these old handmade ducks.

I had to share a picture of my helper.

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

thrifting part one and a flop!

I have been at the lodge all week, sooooo
Friday I got to stop at one sale and I hit the mother load.....

such wonderful treasures.

the tables and stools I will work a little magic on.
check out the little desk and chair!!!

love all the linens and the scale.

check out this Swedish Viking it works great.
I love the color and the plaid case!

this dress was with it and all cut out so I will
see with much begging if my
Mom will finish it.

this bank and old deck of playing cards.

and then the flop.
check out this terrible lemon pie
I tried to make, it was like taffy!!!!
My mistake was trying a new recipe.
I am so sorry I have not been able to comment for a few days
I've been getting up at 3am
and driving the kids to school.
3 1/2 hours on the road YUCK.
the high point of my week was going to be going to Amanda's
tag sale where all the proceeds went to helping animals.
and I forgot.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Back Gingham

I love Pine Cone Hill!
I use to sell this line in the store.
but when the catalog alone was $150
needless to say I'm enjoying the order...
they have the cutest gingham linens.
Love this Banana Republic jacket $ 89.50
super cute

photo by
finding my bliss

wouldn't gingham look so cute...
stacked on this Mora/cabinet.

Love this vintage dress
By the way I tried to shimmy today
(belly dancing)
Oh my ! what was I thinking.
now that's a workout
how cute are these shoes.
well it was torture
not being able to get online.
what did we do before technology....
I have so many things to post and
get ready for comments
I cant wait to catch up
on what you all have been up too!