Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A brainstorm

I love this 60's housecoat
don't you love the table runner....
too funny.

I have these great old rolls of wallpaper
which I love and have done nothing with,
so 2days ago I had an Idea and I executed it
and I'm not sure it came out the way I planned
oh well I can always redo it...
I was going for an eclectic look
a little random/messy
One yellow dress did not fit
I think it looks great on my mannequin....


  1. Oh what a fabulous space! It's a feast for the eyes, I keep seeing more great & interesting things the more I look...

  2. i sooo love the 'mother' framed pictures! especially the one with babe in arms! beautiful.
    you have such a wonderful collection of treasures! wonderful eye candy as always! xx

  3. Just posted about your wonderful letter. Thanks again...so much.