Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day to all....

This my favorite tree

How lovely.....

look at those hydrangea's
also a favorite !
look at the house to, super cute.

When we lived in Washington state
where I grew up
every house had rhododendrons
and azalea's.

I miss all the front porches,
I love the houses where they had the porch
so decked out you knew the inside of that house
was fabulous.
Cottage Living.

Look at that sidewalk...
Tonight I start cooking with Mom
Pray I don't burn anything.
Happy May Day To All!


  1. Consider yourself surprised by a May basket hanging on your front door today. Happy May Day and blessings on your change of lifestyle for a while. Diane

    Lovely, lovely pinks and sweet perfect houses. Isn't that just a darling grey house with the beautiful flower garden in front?

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Your photos are so beautiful, spring is finally here!

    Thankyou so much for your message on my blog, it was really heart warming, it's so good to know there are parents out there who teach their children right from wrong.
    I would have been embarassed to tell others if my parents had been in jail, but now kids see it as the norm...very sad.

  3. Hee Heidi,

    I see you have a new header. Love it!

    You have two very sweet children...or is it three :-)? Beautiful pictures you chose for todays post. I haven't seen that 'dogwood' tree over here, but it does have very pretty blossoms! Wish you a happy May day as well & good luck with the cooking!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. Such lovely images!! And those porches do look so inticing! Best of luck with the cooling :)

  5. I so love dogwood trees!! These are really lovely!
    Happy May Day!