Monday, May 3, 2010

I say,can you hear me!

last week I cleaned the grease off of all my mothers
Nick knacks in the kitchen.
these are one of my favorites.
they are called the busy biddy.
made by Enesco.

how cute are these little gray haired grannies.

spoon rests

planter and candle holders

flower frog and ashtray
and the planters.
I love the wine bottles in their hands.
they got spunk!

I love how they are whispering
gossip to each other!
it must be something juicy!

deal or no deal!

you can rest your bag here!
I just thought I'd share with you all
a little sunshine!
By the way the apple puff pancake
not a hit with men!


  1. Oh they are so cute! Shame about the pancakes!
    I shall post some pictures of my summerhouse in the next few weeks as it will be having a little make over!
    Have a lovely day Heidi
    Rachel x

  2. Such a gorgeous collection!! What fun you must have had looking at them all....o.k. not oodles of fun because you were cleaning them :) Hope all is well

  3. Love the looks on their faces, so sweet and yet up to no good. I bet both you and your mom enjoy these little troublemakers.

    I fixed burgundy beef Sunday night and it went over like a lead balloon with my hub. Plain old meat and potatoes or meatloaf "made with meatloaf mix" and he's happy.

  4. oh these are FABULOUS what a wonderful collection, so cute

  5. How sweet and even more of a treasure because they were your mother's! Enjoy them!!