Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Look what I found yesterday for $10
last year the kids and I were determined to find our
family bikes and we still needed one more
and we found it.
In the store I have this cute wicker basket for a bike
with hand painted flowers. I just found a home for it.
I love the fenders!
I have had a busy four days painting, and digging things out.
but in the evenings we have been going to the Lake with the kids.

this little guy kept jumping from tree to tree over our heads...

Mimi had her last game yesterday.

here she is with her best buddy!

My kids have always done this,
I just look at the water and freeze!

This night Mimi fell in the lake.

a rare picture of Jeremy he hates his picture taken
I wonder who he takes after.
this night they caught alot of fish and
released them.
one they fed to a hungry eagle.
of course I missed it.
Here Mimi is all dolled up
and ready to take me to her Mothers day tea at school!
they were so cute.
tomorrow all my re-do's.
Have a lovely day with your family's!


  1. Very sweet family pics! I LOVE that bike, I'm looking for one myself & hubby thinks I'm being rediculous to want a nice old secondhand one with the cute basket to mosey around town on...I will find it!

  2. Thank you for sharing your sweet family, Heidi, and your time at the lake. Cute bike - now you can all ride together, how fun. Diane