Monday, May 10, 2010

A few finds....

Have you ever found something hid away.
I discovered these up in my room at the lodge and quickly brought
them home and paired them with sheers in
the living room.
We have so much daylight its so hard to get to bed at night.
especially the kids
these were given to me and with Jeremy's
confirmation this Sunday along with his niece Lili.
I think I will wear the yellow on the far right.
they will be so cute this summer with jeans.

I found all these glasses
and I didn't need them all but when I finally
have a party again.
I'll be ready!
these were my favorite.

this is my before shot of the store,
before flowers that is....

a redo this shelf was a horrid dark brown
I think green is so fresh.
I painted this cute nightstand
my parents gave it to me
I think it will be so cute in a little boys room.
this was my first dumpster diving....
I always thought I would never do that,
until last fall this I had to rescue!
I have always wanted one and the chipped paint just adds
to it's charm.
so it's official I can dive in if the treasures right!


  1. Oh such lovely finds Heidi! Your store looks gorgeous! Oh I'd love to wander around it!
    Here we have skip diving, I'm sure it's the same thing as dumpster diving although I haven't done it yet!
    Rachel x

  2. So glad you rescued that chair, isn't it ridiculous the things people throw out! Great shelves, gorgeous glasses & dresses, all lovely!

  3. My term for it is "boxing". My little dog and I love to drive down the alleys looking for good boxes or whatever!! Should we form a group??

    Love your treasures, Heidi, and the seafoam green shelves are great.

    So glad you posted a picture of your shop. I love it. Look at it - no snow! Bet you're enjoying that. One of these days I'll see it in person.

  4. Everything looks so lovely! I agree with that green being fresh...gorgeous! And that chair has just the right amount of shabby. Hope you week is a lovely one :)

  5. Totally love the yellow & blue dresses..I'm in to yellow & turquoise together at the moment.
    The glasses look pretty..great for berries & stawberry ice cream.