Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Part 2 Saturday finds!

I love the story behind the treasure....

My Mom and I had to take a client to the airport

on Saturday and driving in we spotted an

estate sale already in progress, so I quickly

hurried to the airport unloaded his fish,hugged,said

goodbye and raced back....

all of these treasures were from this one sale

this woman and her husband moved to Alaska in 1936

they homesteaded in Homer,

she was 99 and just missed her birthday by 2 weeks.

just lovely items everything was half off, I was wondering

what I had missed the first day!

these pictures were my favorite!


look at this button maker with all the extras.

I cant wait to start covering some with my favorite fabric.

look at those leftover covers before saran wrap....

I love the board games and the first scrabble.

old cards and linens

cute apron!

loved these old handmade ducks.

I had to share a picture of my helper.

Have a great day!


  1. great finds, sad she missed her birthday by two weeks. I love the ducks too.

  2. arrrrrrrrgh! Those ducks are way too awesome.

  3. A gold mind!! A love the hand knits and little white outfits. So precious.

  4. what a lovely blog post of wonderful treats ;0)x
    i love your little fairy helper in the kitchen- ur blog is always a delight xxx

  5. You did great Heidi. Best not to think of what you missed. You found some great things. I'm looking for a little piece for my cottage so I've hit some garage sales the past 3 weekends. I've found a lot of other things but not that. Diane --Who's the cutie? Yur daughter?

  6. Ok First you have the best finds!! Real treasures!!
    Second I LOVE your kitchen!! I would KILL for shelves all around my kitchen!!!
    Glad you had fun shopping and cooking!
    Hugs, Lisa