Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Happy Reformation story!

Today is Halloween and if you are Lutheran
it is also a big day its Reformation Sunday!
On October 31,1517
Martin Luther who started our church
nailed his 95 theses to the
Castle Church door in
Wittenberg, Germany.

It does occasionally fall on Halloween, well growing up we would
celebrate with an evening church service on this day.
That meant when we got home it would give us a later start
on trick or treating.

Well my husband is also Lutheran and his parents did not allow
trick or treating if it fell on a Reformation Sunday.
So they told them to go out the day before.
So every year we laugh about this story.

Phil said every house they went to trick or treating at
the people would tell them it's tomorrow.
your a day off and they would tell them we can't tomorrow
because we have to go to church.
I just think that is so funny, I wish I could have seen the peoples
faces with these two little nuts out early!
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Elle Decor

I borrowed this magazine from my sister the last
time we were up in Anchorage.

Elle Decor is one I usually don't buy
but I found some spaces that I could really live in!

I love the openness of this room.

A little funk

How fabulous is this.

and this.

This bed is so amazing look at all the detail
not my look, but I can appreciate the time
it took to build it!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm ready for a little Scandinavian Christmas!

I could live in this little bird house.
I will admit this ,my obsession
with cloth and paper napkins.
How lovely are these!

and as much as I love the Dala horse
I love the roosters and pigs as well!
Now are these just for tourists?

My father is Danish and at the lodge we
fly the U.S.flag the Alaska flag
and the Danish flag.

Now in the winter my parents and one
other family live on the remote beach.
On top of the bluff is a busy body
and do you know what she said.
she called up my parents and asked them
to take down the Danish flag.

That she found it offensive!
can you believe it.
She doesn't even see it!

next year were buying the biggest one we can find!

I just love this picture!

Love this tea towel.

These adorable candies.

I love the colors in this towel!

this sweet tray is called the Heidi tray
by artist Heidi Lange.
the kids each one 2 ND place
in the pumpkin contest!
back to the school for conferences today.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quite a pair...

Today at school is the pumpkin contest.
Cory one 2ND last year with his gourd man.
I could not find one picture to show you
he was so cute.
Yesterday I baked cookies all day, In between watching
the Millionaire Matchmaker, Have any of you seen this show.
It was my first time and it's funny how some of these men were
so sweet and some so gross
but the women, it was quite entertaining!
then I frosted.
Do you think the spider will scare anyone?

for as far as you can see out the back of our property
is swamp and marsh land.
with the mountains way in the back.
so with no snow yet it is a frosty wonderland.

I use to let the kids play out there until
Phil went to find the property stake and sunk to his waist
in the marsh he said it was like quick sand.
so when the ground freezes which is 8 months out of the year.
it's no problem.
We give him a hard time and tell him he just fell in a hole.
This morning will be fun at school till 9am when school
starts I will be helping check in the pumpkins.
Then they have there class party this afternoon.
I love seeing all there costumes.
I hope you all have a fun day too!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Through-The Window

Yes, more tree's out my window.
I decided to show you the window
I look out the most in the whole house.
I think half my day is in front of my kitchen sink.
You can see where we need to finish some work
Don't forget to pop over and join at
this is the last one!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look what Gus sent me!

Look at this sweet french coffee pot
with flowers in it!
I love the backside just as well.

I love this little creamer/syrup
what is Cukr?

I love these.

These are my favorites!

I love these little Allumettes.
I have had this old baby basket for years
and when I found it I could not believe the condition.
until a few years ago I tripped fell and landed on it.
Talk about splinters this is the good side if you
blow the picture up you can see more!
Have you ever damaged a prize find
and you only have yourself to blame?
I hope your all having a great weekend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The stairs and a broken promise!

This picture was given to my Mom when she was little
and it always hung in our room growing up
and I just treasure it.
I keep it right at the top of the stairs so
when the boys go to bed they pass it!
Well this is my broken promise and I really did try to keep it.
the mirror in this photo is another craft
project from Wednesday.
I tried to recreate one of the Anthropologie's mirrors.

going up.
Back to my broken promise.
When we painted last winter I promised to leave the
stairwell picture free.

coming down.

I made it about 4 months and i started finding
those vintage bird pictures.
then they started finding me and the rest is history.
Do you think they notice because nobody has mentioned
it but they make me happy and
you know what they say when Mommy's happy every ones happy!

I think I just need two more and it will be just right.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craft Day! So exciting!

How cute are these, Shereen did the
yellow one and I did the pink chair
you can see who is the professional!

This recipe box Yumi did.

I love it.

Vicki did this Nick knack shelf !

and I love these new vintage Japan canisters
I found for the shop!
what a great craft day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A winner and a little this and that!

I thought I'd share my arctic entry
That knock on wood we still have no snow!
I like to think of this as my little blue
Scandinavian room.

I love dala horses

This blue cabinet is filled with wood and coal.
someday I will have to take a better picture
of this piece.
when we moved in I didn't have room in
the house for it and its so nice to hide
Drum roll......
and the winner is
Mystic 123

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new place to check out....

I love this one....on a red or green coat!

I would pop this on one of my Jcrew sweaters
and never take it off.

How lovely are these.

You can purchase these in headbands

and pins.
The one thing that I love best about her work
is that her flowers lay flat.

Kelsie is just so talented!
Check out her new blog here
and her etsy store also.
Her prices for her Quality are so reasonable
order quick before they go up as all great artists
work does, when they are discovered.
Especially you with little girls who
will leave things in their hair mine
the minute she gets in the car with dad on the
way to school pulls everything out
before she gets there!
I placed an order
but as they are gifts.....
I have truly the best job in the world
when wonderful women
like Kelsie walk through
my doors.
I will post the apple giveaway winner