Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quite a pair...

Today at school is the pumpkin contest.
Cory one 2ND last year with his gourd man.
I could not find one picture to show you
he was so cute.
Yesterday I baked cookies all day, In between watching
the Millionaire Matchmaker, Have any of you seen this show.
It was my first time and it's funny how some of these men were
so sweet and some so gross
but the women, it was quite entertaining!
then I frosted.
Do you think the spider will scare anyone?

for as far as you can see out the back of our property
is swamp and marsh land.
with the mountains way in the back.
so with no snow yet it is a frosty wonderland.

I use to let the kids play out there until
Phil went to find the property stake and sunk to his waist
in the marsh he said it was like quick sand.
so when the ground freezes which is 8 months out of the year.
it's no problem.
We give him a hard time and tell him he just fell in a hole.
This morning will be fun at school till 9am when school
starts I will be helping check in the pumpkins.
Then they have there class party this afternoon.
I love seeing all there costumes.
I hope you all have a fun day too!


  1. i like the way they have used the pumpkins from a different the stalks are the noses...inspired!

  2. Love the cookies and the scarry spider. Big day with the children, have fun!

  3. Have a super fun day! Love the cookies and the pumpkins are dressed so well! xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. wow where u live looks sooo magical...and those pumpkins how very cute! haha!...cookies look very yummy for the tummys hehe...Im so sorry i have your piccy wrapped and still havent got round to the post office- i promise to send it when sweet pea's in pre school again ;0)xxxx

    p.s lovely vintage kitchen on previous posting ;0)

  5. It would be so fun to see costumes at a school! enjoy it!

  6. How fun are these. Wishing you a happy happy Halloween! xxxx

  7. First of all...your property out your window is beautiful, lucky, lucky you! Next, that cake looks so good that it's scary -teehee!! Have fun at school, it's going to be very hard to judge the pumpkins. Diane

  8. hello Heidi
    Thank you for your comment over at mine. I am so very sorry to hear of the sadness and loss you've experienced this summer - how shocking for you. And I can only begin to imagine how terrible it must have been. I'm sending you lots of love and a big hug too and thinking of you and your loved ones. Take good care of each other, as I'm sure you are.
    So pleased to be here in your blog space! I've seen some wonderful thrifty finds here and your decorated chairs/boxes/shelves are so lovely! I'll be back again soon!
    Denise x

  9. Perfect setting for a Halloween setting!! Love Posie

  10. Did that make any sense - i meant perfect setting for Halloween spookiness. Love Posie

  11. The view of all that snow looks beautiful, even if its a little dangerous just now! Your halloween festivities sound like fun, I've never been into it much before (being down here in oz) but this year my kids are busting to take part in the parade & we have a little american girl in my prepie's class who has invited the entire class & siblings to her halloween party - FUN!

  12. goodness so cold already, how horrid! and your cake is seriously calorifically scary! burp. had a second beer for you and you guys watch out for the swamp as that is seriously scary now... x