Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Through-The Window

I joined through the window on Tuesday
I think this is going to be fun.
You know the day you realize your baby is not so sweet.
Mimi yesterday told me that a little girl who had attended
her party came up to her and said " were you happy to have me at your party"
and my daughter said" uh ,not really"
I told her kindness spreads as does Meanness!
I feel sick.
Boys just don't get involved in these games.
Have a Happy day through a window....
don't forget to join!


  1. I like that view "Kindness spreads as does meanness"
    I've had a happy day pottering at home......I'll try to join in next time!

  2. It will be all right, Heidi. She's a girl and girls practice this stuff all their life, unfortunately she will need to be able to handle herself big girls. (She's still sweet, she just knows her own mind.)

    Once when my granddaughter had a birthday party, probably around 5 years old, we were all singing happy birthday to her and she walked around and looked at everyone, and her best friend was shy and wasn't singing very well. Lindsay said SING! to her. Kids, they're funny when you don't want to kill them. Diane

  3. Hej Hej Heidi

    Oh dear that's girls for you, been there done that got the T-shirt lol! She's now all grown -up. You're absolutely right, boys just dont play these games, a quick bish and a bash and it's sorted, not that I agree with it...but that's just how boys are, and girls do what they have to do. I just used to SMILE nicely and fluff over it. Wise words...I will remember that as my boys are throwing punches at each other.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for joining in.
    You have made my day ;-). Love your Sash windows (they are very clean hehe)
    And trees all around you too, I think we live in a very similar environment. I wonder who will get Snow (dare I say it) first?
    LOVE the Halloween bricks and owl print too.
    A lovely, snug, cosy, autumnal view at your house.
    Thanks for sharing dear friend

    slip of the finger

  5. Oh that's really a bit funny! You have to admire honesty..I think your response was great though, I'm sure she will always remember this, infact, I think I'll use that very phrase with my boys, it is a little surprising how mean 'some' prep boys can be...x

  6. Heidi, being so new to your blog, I don't know how old your daughter is. My children are grown now but when they were young I found when things were said like that, very often something else was going on behind the scenes. I would ask some questions and get them sharing some things about the child and pretty soon the real issue would come forth. It is upsetting when we feel our children are being cruel but if you think it was a bit 'not like her' you might probe around a bit. Just a thought.

    I want to join the Tuesday Through The Window, I don't know how to link up but I will give it a try..wish me luck.

  7. Lovely window. I joined too. Come see through my window here in British Columbia, Canada!

  8. Hi Heidi,

    Don't worry! With you as a mum she will turn out fine :-)!

    Happy day & lieve groet,