Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A long Autumn Drive.

Of course this picture should be at the end
but I thought I'd get back into showing
a few Halloween pictures again.
From our house depending on bathroom stops
It takes a little over 2 hours to get to Anchorage.

This was just one of those stops coming home
this is the first mountain pass.

Same stop only Mimi found more daylight.

Now all of my pictures are from a moving car
because I was out numbered for stopping
to take a picture.
that was just out of the question.

This was so beautiful.

Phil did stop for this one for me
the kids were asleep in the back.

this place always seems like the halfway
mark on the drive.

We went to Anchorage because Phil had to give a cabinetry bid
and find the kids winter coats.
The mall was a zoo with pfd's out.
Pfd's are a check you receive from the state.
every household member if you have lived in the state
for more than two years.
so for shop owners like me they are wonderful.
I found 4 beautiful cardigan sweaters
on the clearance rack and with the additional 40% off
I paid $6 ea. They were a cotton /cashmere blend.
gray,tan,red and Burgundy.


  1. Thanks for taking us with you on your shopping trip. Alaska is so beautiful and the more I see and hear of it the more I understand why people love it there. With all of the distress in the U.S. it seems there are fewer and fewer places that are worth living but it seems you are far enough removed to be safe.

    Have a good day.

  2. oh I just wrote out this huge thing and then when I pressed post comment it died. Dang.

    Your scenery is very familiar in the sense that it looks alot like the Rogers Pass, and the Canadian Rockies. Your 2nd photo is alot like the road from Vancouver to Whistler.

    It is such majestic beauty.

    Please take us on more trips with you because I have always wanted to see Alaska beyond arial photos etc.

    I looked up your town awhile back and it is cute. I reminded me of Sitka from The Proposal. Did they film that movie there? They always shoot movies around her and then pretend they are in some other city.

    Take us on more little journies it was fun!

    Oh and your Pfd's must be the equivalent to what our folks from the Yukon or Northwest Territories recieve. They get a northern living allowance.
    At first I thought your government was giving out Personal Floatation Devices...LOL

  3. wow the scenery! only visited usa once and was completely fazed by the scale of everything. yesterday you said if only i lived closer; if i did i am 'sure' we would spend many happy hours together. our lives are very different but... thanks for your kind comments 'H'; bit behind! but leggies in post tomorrow... x and remember:
    ...these legs are made for walking,
    and that's just what they'll do,
    and one a these days these legs
    are gonna walk all over you...

  4. Oh, it's looks very beautiful....and very different compare to here;-)
    Mountians with snow on it..I saw years ago when I've snowboarding in the the South of Germany..
    Thanks for charing your shopping trip!

    Greeting from Amsterdam

  5. Glad you had a good time! I forgot about the PFD's . . . oiy - I'm sure the mall was insane!

  6. Sounds well worth the drive, fabulous bargains galore! Your pictures are amazing, what stunning views...

  7. Love the travel pictures. I went once away from Anchorage and once back (sad because I was leaving). Beautiful trip. Thanks, Heidi. I blew up the first picture and I LOVE your Halloween characters. Diane

  8. Lovely travels - thanks for sharing:) Snow capped mountains - something we dont get here!

  9. I love these images as there is little to no fall occuring in Phoenix. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow Heidi, that's a long drive for a pair of wintercoats :-)! It's good to see you enjoyed yourself. Alaska looks fantastic!!

    Happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. beautiful scenery and a HUGE bargain? sounds like a perfect day!

  12. Heidi it's such a beautiful part of the world that you live in, thanks for sharing your road trip with us.