Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new place to check out....

I love this one....on a red or green coat!

I would pop this on one of my Jcrew sweaters
and never take it off.

How lovely are these.

You can purchase these in headbands

and pins.
The one thing that I love best about her work
is that her flowers lay flat.

Kelsie is just so talented!
Check out her new blog here
and her etsy store also.
Her prices for her Quality are so reasonable
order quick before they go up as all great artists
work does, when they are discovered.
Especially you with little girls who
will leave things in their hair mine
the minute she gets in the car with dad on the
way to school pulls everything out
before she gets there!
I placed an order
but as they are gifts.....
I have truly the best job in the world
when wonderful women
like Kelsie walk through
my doors.
I will post the apple giveaway winner


  1. oh wow they truly are delicate and special ;0)
    so amazed by the bear piccys on previous posting! i saw a documentry a while back about a man who lived with bears in a log cabin...he's become to understand their grizzly nature.
    They are amazing bears!...wouldnt like to get too close wishes x

  2. I just went over to visit Kelsi's blog and Etsy shop. You are such a sweetie to introduce us to her.

    Have a great Monday Heidi.

  3. Pretty things, Heidi, I'll check her out. What a Mimi, she wears high heels when she fishes but won't leave pretties in her hair!! Sounds like someone else I know (and you know, too). Diane

  4. They are great!
    And they sure make sweet Christmas presents!
    Wishing Kelsi lots of sales!


  5. They're lovely.
    I'm really impressed with those bear photos.