Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm ready for a little Scandinavian Christmas!

I could live in this little bird house.
I will admit this ,my obsession
with cloth and paper napkins.
How lovely are these!

and as much as I love the Dala horse
I love the roosters and pigs as well!
Now are these just for tourists?

My father is Danish and at the lodge we
fly the U.S.flag the Alaska flag
and the Danish flag.

Now in the winter my parents and one
other family live on the remote beach.
On top of the bluff is a busy body
and do you know what she said.
she called up my parents and asked them
to take down the Danish flag.

That she found it offensive!
can you believe it.
She doesn't even see it!

next year were buying the biggest one we can find!

I just love this picture!

Love this tea towel.

These adorable candies.

I love the colors in this towel!

this sweet tray is called the Heidi tray
by artist Heidi Lange.
the kids each one 2 ND place
in the pumpkin contest!
back to the school for conferences today.


  1. Good for you and your parents..I am typing with a hot, red face. I am so sick and tired of certain people being offended by this or that...We have let it go on too long, especially with flags, as long as our United States flag is higher than the others there is NO problem...I bet you didn't expect that ear full but there are certain things that I can't keep quiet about and being proud of our country and country of our family is among the top of my list.

    Love all of the pretties you shared with us today.

  2. have to confess I have a "thing" about paper napkins too. All the plans for my Vintage Fair are going fine...I just can't find the perfect paper napkins...YET!

  3. I just have to say something quickly - silly old bat! There that's better. Gosh some people love to complain, do they not?

    Now if there's room I too could easily live in the bird house! I thought it was a playroom. Beautiful job someone has made of it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves those paper napkins. I don't let myself buy them though, too wasteful and upsetting to see them thrown out.

  4. Thanks for ur remark and having me on your blog.its good to be seen out there with you lovely ladies.
    I hate when somebody comes and tells me what to do in my own house.
    so make it bigger and let her see it.
    And as for Sarah don't throw the napkins , use them in craft as they are lovely on wood , plexi, chinese lanterns.

  5. Scandinavian design is cool! I can't believe someone was offended by the flag - so random

  6. That woman must not have much to think about. Good for your family. I remember those fancy paper napkins from when I went to Sunday school in a Danish Lutheran church. I also remember the wonderful pastries!! And the lovely little Danish ladies. I love the pictures of the treasures and the window box is beautiful. Diane

  7. Oh no one does Christmas like those clever Scandinavians, love Posie

  8. I have a thing for napkins too!! Those are lovely & that tray, gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend..x

  9. Gorgeous pics Heidi! I love Scandinavian too.....and am laughing about the busy body comment! Some people!!!!!!!!!

    Have a super weekend!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. some people eh? my brother had difficult neighbours and so bought a metal sign which read 'the devil made me do it' and stuck it the front of his house! hoorah. biggest and best danish flag and if i were them i'd move it in view of the crone...

  11. Hey hunny,
    One of my closest friends is Danish and she works on Vintage, Thrifted & Refashioned with me. Nana Maja, I really love how my English style meets her Danish and fuses!!!
    Loved this post x x
    Annie x