Thursday, October 14, 2010

A beautiful spot, a gift, and have you started?

This is a friends view from her new log cabin

look no neighbors.

this is a picture last night I took on the way to her house

what a view.

so quiet and peaceful...

this is a treasure that I bought from

Odd and old

I can't share it all as some might be gifts

How beautiful is this brooch

Thank you Veronica and Mary
also for my lovely Starbucks mug
from Mexico!
sorry again for the out of order
pictures and conversation.

Back to that odd and old.

she wrapped and sent my

care package in this wallpaper.

I just had to frame some of it.

She snuck in this wonderful book which I treasure.

What cute packaging and clever


Last but not least I had so much fun visiting yesterday

with friends and then on into the evening.

George was a little tuckered out though.


Don't forget to start Christmas shopping on Etsy
and your local shops

No one buy the red and black necklace from

Little Ted canvas

Moose and bird

Love the pears you know

Sean the Prawn

Love her new dresses

Ruby red

Love the dogs

Little vintage company

Vintage lovelies

Ted and bunny

Love her vintage linens and hats

Pandy Potter

her one of a kind bears



Mon Petit Poppet

sweet dolls


love it all

Posie Patchwork

sheer genius with color

Little House In Paradise

those rose towels and linens

Vintage Magpie

keep me safe friend

If I missed anyone I apologize

let me know



start shopping i'm going to do all of
My shopping here along with
My local stores.

I can't believe Halloween is almost over

Christmas is around the corner.


  1. Thank you for having me on your list and for getting me to start thinking about checking the Etsy are a wise lady. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Heidi

    WOW! What a view and those mountains are just spectacular. Were your ears burning last night, I was chatting about you to my boys...they were watching a documentary about the guy in Alaska that has a cottage in the middle of nowhere and the bears come and stay with him...fascinating!
    LOVE the french farine tin...
    You are very organised Heidi I am very impressed, my youngest sons b/d is the end of november and mine beginning of december soo until these birthdays are gone I don't even give a thought to Christmas LOL!

    I have been known to do all my Christmas shopping and food shopping Christmas Eve...really! In UK many things in the big stores reduced ready for the new year sales.
    Brilliant idea about buying from Etsy...or home-made, of which I have a couple of things on the go...

    I'm off to S'holm & London tomorrow for 2 weeks with my big girly so excited and then the boys joining me...

    Watch out we come!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    BTW Your doggy is georgous

  3. Oh my heart skipped a little beat, you think i'm good with colour, shucks, i just LOVE COLOUR!! Love your friend's cabin, wow wee, we want the same, only a big chunk of Australia, no neighbours to be seen, just our family, animals, home & love for each other. Love Posie

  4. Thanks for the mention. Time is going quickly, I'd better get started too.

  5. hello you! generous as ever, big thanks; glad you liked the kitsch wallpaper; next batch even nicer me thinks. great idea and plug for all makers and etsy sellers; thanks. glad you liked the book, touching tale eh? love your hound; happy weekend. linda x

  6. I enjoyed all of your photos but George takes the "cake" - he is so so cute, all tuckered out and taking a nap. So SWEET!

  7. Hello Heidi!
    Love the photos from your friends home - gorgeous! I hope to be able to visit all the links you've shared.
    Happy weekend!
    ~ Zuzu

  8. Your friends lives on a beautiful spot! To have such a view........

    I am going to check out your friends on Etsy! I bought a lovely crocheted necklace last week in shades of grey. So pretty!!!

    Wish you a happy sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. You're wonderful! I love those views & that old tin you picked up, lovely! Don't worry, I plan to sit here on this very cold day making plenty of stock for my shop! xx

  10. I missed this post, don't know how that happened. I love the bee, gorgeous, and thanks for all the suggestions. It's raining here this afternoon so I'll just browse through them. Gorgeous views, too. Happy Sunday, Diane