Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look what Gus sent me!

Look at this sweet french coffee pot
with flowers in it!
I love the backside just as well.

I love this little creamer/syrup
what is Cukr?

I love these.

These are my favorites!

I love these little Allumettes.
I have had this old baby basket for years
and when I found it I could not believe the condition.
until a few years ago I tripped fell and landed on it.
Talk about splinters this is the good side if you
blow the picture up you can see more!
Have you ever damaged a prize find
and you only have yourself to blame?
I hope your all having a great weekend!


  1. Oh Heidi,

    Love all the enamelware. Especially the French coffeepot is right up my sleeve :-). I am on the lookout for one of these, but they are horrible expensive in Holland!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. Wow, can't get over how great those jugs and containers are! Lovely, lovely!

  3. It's always the best things that I ruin, never the things I don't like! Your favorites in the enamelware are the ones that I like best, too. Maybe it's the pink! I looked up Cukr and it means sugar in Czechoslovakian. And Kava is coffee. I guess they like a little sugar with their coffee. Hope your Sunday's going great. Diane

  4. Oh, I love the enamelware! Such pretty colors! Lucky you, Heidi!!!

  5. You have the most incredibly beautiful collection of enamelware, so gorgeous! I do love that basket too, couldn't you just kick yourself when you do silly things like that! Still, it's a treasure..have a wonderful week x

  6. Oh no!
    Hopefully if you are kind to it it will still behave itself and hold your treasures. We have a basket like that that all my sisters/cousins/some friends and my kids have all slept in when we were newborns. It is hidden away until it is needed again so none of us trips over it.

  7. cukr and kava might be polish for sugar and coffee, if i remember correctly.
    i've just been quickly browsing 'round, and i really like to wander around your blog. i'd love to visit the shop too.
    love, nadine

  8. i am a bit of an enamel fiend too but tend to prefer the plain coloured stuff which is good for me as cheaper. (fruit expensive everywhere but veg ok! guess most stuff is imported to alsaka?, and have you got any of your packages yet? hope so) Linda x