Friday, October 22, 2010

The stairs and a broken promise!

This picture was given to my Mom when she was little
and it always hung in our room growing up
and I just treasure it.
I keep it right at the top of the stairs so
when the boys go to bed they pass it!
Well this is my broken promise and I really did try to keep it.
the mirror in this photo is another craft
project from Wednesday.
I tried to recreate one of the Anthropologie's mirrors.

going up.
Back to my broken promise.
When we painted last winter I promised to leave the
stairwell picture free.

coming down.

I made it about 4 months and i started finding
those vintage bird pictures.
then they started finding me and the rest is history.
Do you think they notice because nobody has mentioned
it but they make me happy and
you know what they say when Mommy's happy every ones happy!

I think I just need two more and it will be just right.


  1. I think your birds are beautiful. I say why stop at just two more? Have fun with it because Mommy does need to be happy!

  2. I think the pictures are beautiful in the stairwell. I's O.K. with me Heidi. I love the old picture at the top of the stairs, it just belongs there, doesn't it!! Diane

  3. It's a great promise to break!! Love Posie

  4. when Ted decorated the bedroom he asked if it could be a picture-free zone.
    I tried, I really REALLY did.
    I lasted a morning!
    glad to know that your coat arrived- it was meant for you wasn't it!

  5. The pictures are wonderful.I love compositions
    like these!

  6. Hi Heidi,

    I think your stairwell looks great with the birds!! Just continue all the way upstairs :-)!

    Happy sunday & lieve groet,


  7. Hi Heidi! I absolutely love the picture of the angel! It made my eyes fill with tears! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. go for it, girl. but wait a minute? stop at 2 more? i think the bare other parts of wall might feel a little empty then.... do you think 'they' will notice if you just go on?