Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craft Day! So exciting!

How cute are these, Shereen did the
yellow one and I did the pink chair
you can see who is the professional!

This recipe box Yumi did.

I love it.

Vicki did this Nick knack shelf !

and I love these new vintage Japan canisters
I found for the shop!
what a great craft day!


  1. It's really nice that you set the day aside to do crafts and DO it. Nice social time as well as time to get some things done. I love your chairs. Diane

  2. I love everything you all did!! I want to do it too. What do you use to glue the fabric?

  3. Heidi I love the little chairs, so beautiful.. Love the flower detail on the back rest.

  4. cute creations and what a great way to spend time with chums. x

    post script
    this 10% off etsy purchases offer stands, for one 'n all, until end december for all purchases followed by a 'i bought this...' email sent to my private email address:

  5. Hi Heidi,

    You've been busy again! Love the pink chair and the box!!

    Happy weekend & lieve groet,


  6. Your chairs turned out amazingly gorgeous, Heidi. Enjoy your sits!!
    Happy jugs for a lovely weekend. xx

  7. The chairs are gorgeous! And the canisters - wow what a find!

  8. is that papered, or textiles on the chairs? lovely!!!