Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you sew ,even a little, LOOK away

here's my completed project

get ready here's the
George our poodle had destroyed this cover
that I had paid an Upholster  to cover
 and I had used vintage
fabric which was also not smart.
not a good combo for kids and a dog
to loose a weave.
so yes ,this is the extent of my sewing supplies.
and I had picked up this old spread at the thrift store for a $1
and cut it in half with the kids old school scissors.
It's shameful my stitching.....but look!

I now have a lovely covered sofa
that George and the kids can live on
for a $1

not too bad.
Those of you who sew I butchered
the art.

That's why i praise you seamstresses.

tomorrow I can hardly wait to show you
our latest family member who
doesn't eat a thing!!!


  1. Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, you did a good job. Your house looks perfectly charming. Diane

  2. Well I am in agreement with Diane.

    I have some vintage fabric and am terrified to use it lest it gets wrecked. Everything around here seems to get wrecked.

  3. Well done you, that looks fantastic!

    Victoria x

  4. I say "Good for you" for not being such a perfectionist. How many of us don't do anything for fear it won't turn out the 'right way' (can you tell I fall into that catagory?).
    It looks great and how much better that your family can actually live on it!

    I saw your comment over a Ted and Bunny about shipping...I have sent things 'across the Pond' three times and as it turns out it is too costly for just fun. I sent some fabric (1 yard of cotton) and the shipping was more than the fabric and everything must go through Customs...I will be talking to the Postal people about it today to see if I am missing something. I will let you know what I find out if you like. I will stop now as you probably think you are reading a novel.

    I like your blog..I'll be back.