Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

I love vintage illustrations.
We had to postpone craft day this week
because Phil ripped up the driveway.
So I got to visit Amanda at her Home
and drink coffee....
does it get any better!
She passed along this lovely book.
I'll share more about it later.

Fresh Fruit
Tricia brought me fresh apples from the
Farmers market.

I love Brentleigh pottery.

It's made in Samara England.
Have any of you heard about this pottery
or live close to Samara?

I love vintage childrens jewelry!
this was also in that Fido book
from Amanda.

Some more fresh flowers from a friend.
Diane notice the tablecloth
I love it!


I had to share with you
my new piece.

unusual lighting

and most of all
I wish I lived in a city where I could again
walk on sidewalks and drool over lovely front porches.


  1. That IS a beautiful house but I bet they'd love to live in Alaska, given the chance. Where in the world do you find that gorgeous enamelware - I NEVER heard of Brentleigh but it's wonderful. Very cute things from Amanda, wish I could have joined you two for coffee - wouldn't we have fun!!! Your apple picture is so pretty and yes, that cloth, layered with the red and white checks really is pretty but I love the flowers on it, really makes it pop! Have a glorious day, Heidi. Diane

  2. Hi Heidi; with you on the old school children book illustration and the sidewalk porch fixation and gotta say Alaska may be the last frontier with sensational beauty abounding but way too cold for this weakling!...

  3. Wow, fantastic photos! The enamel ware vase is great. I've just checked, because Samara didn't sound English - in fact it's in Russia! Samara the name for that shape of Brentleigh pottery jug. Boy, I love Google...

    I like the decoration on your jug more than most of the ones that Google found me!

  4. I've never heard of Samara pottery!!

    Victoria x

  5. could it possibly be samara refers to the clay? i do not know of such a place in the uk. oh, there it is, in one of the comments. but i do LOVE that light!!! aqua, you know, young man's room and all that...
    well, i've been reading back a little on your blog (happy belated birthday to you), since i've been completely unwired to the net recently, by choice, not yet by circumstance.
    (the circumstance will happen soon enough too.)
    have a wonderful early weekend!
    x, n
    btw, heidi? there you are on the porch! pleased to meet you from the front... :)))

  6. The illustrations you show us look a lot like the illustrations in the little golden books. They are so pretty!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. I love the look of that's beautiful. Have a lovely weekend Heidi. xox