Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Princess

I went through my magazines yesterday
looking for this article in
Romantic Homes.

I wanted to show you this cast iron floral cake surround
it's just so beautiful and it holds candles also.
but alas I could not find the issue I was looking for and
I never realized how many magazines I have saved.
I think I must have at
least 200 or more...

Any way I got off track, today is Mimi's (Emilia)

and I would have loved
to have posted a sweet little picture of her
our 15 year old deleted all my picture files off of the computer
I am still trying to calm down.
This might take awhile.....

Now I remember how my parents felt
when I did stupid things!

When I picked them up from school yesterday I told
her I had found one of her birthday gifts that she could
open early.....she was not impressed
but I was ,look at how cute this is!

I paid $3
I'm going to put a bunch of pumpkins on it or around it...
after Mimi tires of driving it around the house
she warmed up to it quite fast
as did Cory!


  1. Great mag pics! Lovely colours! Happy Birthday to Mimi, I hope she had the most perfect of days!

    Ahhh to be 15 again and do silly things! he he!

    $3? Seriously? Wowzer! Could it take an adult? i wouldn't mind one! he he! Have a super day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday to Mimi!
    I love the bike!
    Oh no ALL your pictures, take deep breaths!
    Rachel x

  3. I would be very close to murder if that was my kid.

    After having a gigantic manic freak out...I would need Ativan and Rescue Remedy, and then haul me off to jail. I feel the pain over the files being deleted!

  4. Oh, I'm sorry, Heidi. I can feel the pain. I can feel the urge to kill. I can also know that you won't because you're a mother.

    Happy, happy birthday Mimi.

    What a cute little trike! Diane

  5. Happy Birthday Mimi! What a busy month you've had~

    It's a good thing Cory is so cute . . .

  6. Ugh, deleted photo's, this would take some time to recover from..Happy Birthday to your Mimi I hope she has a wonderful day! That trike is just adorable & $3, what a score!!

  7. Happy Birthday Mimi... Best wishes from Australia.x

  8. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations to your daughter Mimi! Wish her a happy day!

    Hope you will find your photos back.

    Lieve groet, Madelief