Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few re-do's and craft day results.

These pictures were something I worked on today
they were cream colored and dated
so I sprayed them,
lets just say they are a work in progress!
I loved the style of these.

So I painted them
 recovered them with  the vintage oilcloth
from this summer!

Here's are craft project from today.
Phil thought they were
not so hot!
I'm so excited about next weeks project.

I hope you all had a great day too!


  1. Oh many creative projects going on! I love the orange frames and I also love what you have done with the chairs. In regards to the necklaces.....boys don't know what's hot and what's not!!! x

  2. I love all of your projects! The chairs look gorgeous & I love the sweet frames in that pretty colour. The fabrics you've used for the necklaces are just lovely, pay no attention to the Mr, they'll look great & I bet he'll think so too when your looking stylish wearing them..

  3. Look at all those dual goodies. Our husbands will never get it i think, i know that is what me love my husband more, he's totally butch & while he can appreciate quality, floral patchwork & colour is not his thing. Love Posie

  4. You busy litlle bee Heidi... I'm loving all the projects especially the revampt pretty.

  5. I'm loving fabric jewellery at the moment! Including those necklaces! Gorgeous! Love, Amanda xxx

  6. Hi Heidi,

    You are so busy! How do you manage with two young children?! Love your chairs. The floral fabric you chose for them looks great! I like the necklaces too. I have a necklace that looks a bit like it in black & white. It's one of my favourites to wear on a black dress!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. oh heidi you are toooo kind, i will do you a drawing to say thank you!!!! ;0) i will email you xxxx love the funky chairs and fabric patterns x

  8. It's great that you have a day set aside to work on this stuff. It's all turning out great. Like some of the girls said, don't judge it on what the guys think, we like the necklaces, they like.......usually big stuff, like cars, boats, 4 wheelers, etc., stuff that costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of room!!! Diane

  9. I love the chairs, the fabrics are so pretty.
    Ann x

  10. The frames look great! So cute. The chairs look similar to some my daughter just painted and reupholstered. Her's are posted on my side bar under "my daughter's blog". She painted them a yellow green. Looks like you've been having fun!