Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do you think? and a few treasures.

OK here is my question.
I was approached my a new photographer.
who is starting up her own business.
which I think she is going to do well
and I'm all for supporting a new business.
Phil and I are so thankful for all the people
in the community who believed in us and
supported us to get our little business up and running!

Now back to my question.
she asked me if she could bring a small school on a field trip
out to the store to take pictures.
In front of my house.
It's all weeds I don't have a flower to speak of.
In fact she thought my house was deserted
and nobody lived there.
sometimes I jump in and say yes to quick.
any advice on something
that I might have missed.
Or how I could help?

I love these demi cups I found....super cute!
I put them in the store
 but they may find there way back into the kitchen.

I also bought 60 new linens.
How pretty is this,
there are a few German linens mixed in the bunch.

Look at these beautiful flowers a
neighbor dropped off for my mom.
I think my Mom is going to get to go
home this Sunday.


  1. maybe she liked the way your house looked. She must have thought it to be a great photo opportunity. Don't add or change a thing. That must be the way she wanted her idea to look.

  2. I agree, she obviously loves how your place looks just the way it is..I would so love to visit your store, just look at all the gorgeousness that you find for it! Sounds like your Mum is doing well, good news...

  3. Oh what beautiful flowers! About your home, I would go and get some mums. They are big and colorful and you can place them in pots and instantly turn your front porch into a show place. I have Mums and pumpkins on my porch and they were cheap and easy and now my porch is all ready for fall! Hope this helps!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Since you asked-I blew the picture of your home and shop up and they are both beautiful houses. When someone comes to my house I see EVERYTHING that's wrong! That's out of place, this looks like it needs paint, I see all the faults. And I have a feeling you do too. I think the photographer would be delighted if you let her do that - and don't change a thing!!! Diane