Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New treasures

I hit a sale on Sunday and found a ton of
beautiful Royal Velvet towels....
I didn't take pictures of them all but how pretty are they and
they were in like new condition for $3
I got a bunch of little desert plates and cups and saucers
I liked the delicate little flowers.
I love these metal shades talk about a craft day project or
you could just hang them as a light.
How amazing is this vintage orange leather coat.
It was free and lets just say I paid for it in a sense
but that's a whole pot of coffee story that started a 7 am.
with are you open!
Love this sweet tea set.
more bits and baubles for craft day!!
I liked these they are the same set my cousin Elaine had
thinking back her whole house was a great example of mid century!

Now check out this find
a vintage cake topper
I'm going to use it for my parent 50th
wedding anniversary party.

I could use some help ,
 what are thing you do at one of these affairs ?
what do you serve?

My sister and I are putting it together on
September 12 Th
I though a Sunday afternoon
would be a good time?


  1. You are just the queen of treasure hunting! Such gorgeous things, I love the tea cups & saucers, so pretty & delicate..

  2. Beautiful dishes and towels. You just made me curious about the orange jacket!

    I haven't been to anything like that for EVER, Heidi, but you and your sister will have a great party for them I'm sure. One thing I heard about was for everybody to bring a memory of them written out, not too long, or send it before hand. Then it can be put in a book - memories from all their friends and relatives. I like that. I'm here for moral support anyway. Diane

  3. oh.... my.... god.... (well....)
    what is all this, girl? i mean... how d'you do it? and that orange jacket.... oh, phiew!
    where the naked light shades are concerned, i'd ofcourse clad them in a dottie angel experience...
    good luck with the intentions, and ENJOY all that vintage....!
    hey? i suppose we could dream up a swap. you in my kitchen, me in your, er, attic, garage, back room, ....
    and have plenty of cups of tea and cakes to keep us going?... :)))

  4. i love all your treasures you manage to find in an aladins cave somewhere hehe- they are always a true gem!, love,love the pink tea set!
    wowza that is beautiful xxxx

  5. Hi Heidi,

    Your found some great looking things! Congratulations to your parents. Fifty years is really a lot!! I have been thinking about your question: it depends on the time the party for your parents will be held. For large groups I prefer organising teas or a Meditteranean salad buffet. You can do a salade buffet at the end of the afternoon, right into the evening. The advantage of both options is that you can make a lot in advance.

    Wishing you a happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Love your finds! You have such great taste - by the way, the kids (last post) look so BIG!!! I can't believe Jeremy is starting HS! Where did the time go?

    I found a website that might help with your folks anniversary party:

    Hope it helps! Talk soon - Amanda

  7. that jacket is cool, I'd totally wear that.

  8. Hi Heidi; with your stash of vintage china why not go for a traditional 'English afternoon tea' styled the 'Ritz'. This allows for delicate no crust cucumber sandwiches, Smoked salmon delicate sandwiches, a mountain of small but delightful fresh cream cakes; quality tea and of course Champagne! yum yum can I come...