Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Treasure from the Sea...

 How amazing is this find...
a little scrubbing and paint as good as new!
Cory found these roll's of metal on low tide
stuck in the sand.
I think they are so amazing,
and I'm impressed that
 he thought of his good ole
Which ties into the first project
I want to start on in the house
 when we finish at the lodge

I love this hood vent.
I am going to take Cory's find from the sea
and incorporate it into part of the kitchen
like this example.
I love kitchens with a table in the middle
 that was one detail I'm still not sick of after
10 years.
I still can't believe this find.
 I just wish we could have retrieved it all.
I wonder where it came from?
I love the toe kick detail on these cabinets.
This little beauty was in my yard last week...
It looks so perfect....Happy!
Since were on over thirty days of rain now.


  1. What an interesting find! I wonder what it was in its previous life??? Can't wait to see your completed kitchen.....I know it will be lovely. x

  2. Oh, that's so special. It's so nice that you're going to use it in your kitchen. I think your son is going to be like you. Diane

  3. What a great find, and what a great use for it you have in mind!

  4. Hello Mrs Happy Founds! so much mystery in the world eh? 30 days of rain! hideous, had 3 continual days this week and was ready to end it all; saved by the sun; phew. Wireman will travel; in letterbox today. Take care Linda x

  5. wowza wonderful beach combing finds! ;0) love all your treasures and home ;0)x
    yessy u.k covered in a blanket of grey and wet weather -not happy bunnys! x

  6. Oh, Heidi, what an amazing find! It will look wonderful in your new kitchen!
    LOVE all the inspiration photos you shared today - your kitchen is going to be a beauty I'm sure!

  7. Dear Heidi, thanks for stopping by my Blog ... and how absolutely wonderful that your Son is keeping his eye out for fabulous Found Treasures for you too! That was a great find, perhaps more will wash up?! My Grandkids love looking for and gathering Found Treasures with me as well and it always touches my Heart when they pay attention to what I love and surprise me with their 'scores'!

    Your posts are so colorful and inviting... I've spent part of the morning reading through them.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Thirty days of rain, pffff. It's even more than overhere in Holland! Love your ideas about your sons find. He really is his mothers son to spot something so beautiful things in the sand! Looking forward to follow your progress in the kitchen once at home!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. I like everything in your kitchen inspiration pictures. How exciting that you now have a "found" element for your dream kitchen. Can't wait to see the final product.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage