Saturday, August 28, 2010

I still have Goosebumps!!! The Motherload.

Last night I had closed the store for the night
 and Carol my neighbor was over visiting with Phil and I.

the phone rang and it was this man wanting to sell me stuff
know how these calls go ,
I'm moving, I have to get rid of this stuff.....
so when he got to the house
I opened the first box and this glass is what I saw.
So without looking at anything else I offered him a price on all of it.
a low price because it was late and I told him it's a gamble for me
take it or leave it.

He said you haven't looked through the boxes
I said I know but I don't have time.
it was making me nervous because he kept asking me about cash
I said I don't keep alot of cash.
so they took the money and left and as he was leaving he said
I have more old stuff from my Grandma.
I politely said No thank you.
I'm an idiot!
as I was opening all the boxes I was
screaming with excitement
under the layers of filth
were these exquisite treasures...
Look at the amount of lovelies
German,French, Prussia, Austria and Japan
Fine bone china from England
Look at the detail of these.
the kids love this tea cup
Look at this glass bowl
I love these hand painted blue pieces.
these plates were so beautiful.
A little Norman
and more

What else did he have...
I may just have to check my caller I.d.

what a score
a blessed gift!


  1. Another word or two WOW! WOW!
    Julie xx

  2. Three words . . . HO-LY BUCKETS!

    I love the Japanese geisha cup! OIY!

  3. Well, I'd say you got it all Heidi. The rest is probably new Christmas ornaments, Tupperware, romance novels and bent up aluminum kitchen utensils. This stuff is wonderful, I love the little plate with the English cottage. Have fun pricing. Diane

  4. Oh hunt him down & learn the lesson!! This from a mother who ran out of fuel yesterday on a highway with 4 children, see, we can each learn something about not taking time to check details!!
    In Australia recently, a man bought an old suitcase for $15 & it had $100K inside it!! He was tracked down as he paid the $15 on a savings card, or he would have been completely anonymous & been allowed to keep the money. Use that caller ID honey, hunt him down & buy him lunch!! Imagine what his grandmother would have. Oh, what a skip in your step you'll have all week. Love Posie

  5. Oh wow, I have goosebumps for you! You need to find that guy and find out what else he has! I love the green glasses at the top!

  6. I'll say!! There is just too much to take it all in, incredible!

  7. bl**** h***, hey? did you get back in touch with him? look, you love it, that is the main thing... but what an unbelievable surprise... are you gonna sell it all?

  8. That is great! How nice it was offered to you! Enjoy going through it all!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. wow, talk about making us all jealous!!!!!!!!!!! what a gorgeous haul


  10. what a collection and what a find! Hope you managed to track him down! xx